Tuesday, November 24, 2009

it's so quiet here at night

hey people,
back for a short update.haven't been studying though i should start on it.grrh i am damn pissed that my holidays are coming to an end but so many KUANTAN-ians are only beggining to have their hols.Grrrh..jeles much?

well,nothing much except that i finish UGLY BETTY season3 Dvds with ker.haha..so im left with nothing else to watch except ASTRO.well,finally book New Moon tix for this thurs..2pm movie..the good seats are almost sold out + i didnt know that it was 18SG..the movie will be so good!haha..EDWARD..i love you!and yes,Nadia i know that you dont understand why anyone can like him!but just look at him.so mysterios and handsome!haha..:)

I really dont feel like studying.Manage to spring clean my room today!yipee!so dusty after 2 weeks being vacant!haha..what else..well basically bunch of rants..haha..dont bother wasting your time!:x

hurmxx this is some the things bothering me lately:
1.what if i dont manage to get 4a's for my alevel.where will i go next.haish
2.why cant i have my cake in two?why do we always have to choose?haish..

well,AS INSPIRED by beffie's post
these are some of the things i fear about:
-Losing the people close to me now
-Having people mmisunderstand about me
-Putting on weight!:p

ok that's all for now..

with love,
karlisyle lum