Thursday, November 26, 2009


hey people,
Today's been a Good day..thank God!haha..because i saw my Bf in New Moon.
This will just be a short update..juts got back from having Jap dinner which was Awesome!:)had dinner with the Cullens(OK scratch my dreams)had it with the proves to show that having kids during dinner in a restaurant can be a task!haha:)
Fyi,I SAW new moon today!Edward Cullen is still so hot!

i sort of pissed BB off by whinning about wanting to go HK disneyland..haha..Duh,Mickey is my second Love affair in my life..haha..ok maybe im being a lil dramatic!:)

to Beffie,it's not that i don't want to be back but i am happy here in KL..i dON'T WANT TO GO BACK AND caused trouble to u know who..hehe.things are fine like that when im not around that person!u come kl..stay with me a day or two la!hehe..:)i Missie u!

OK I'M SIGNING OFF now..*crosses fingers that i'll be able to got HK disneyland soon!*

oh,did i mention i saw my Bf eDWARD Cullen today?ok this is starting to scare u..i sont know why i have this sudden love sick on a celebrity..this is not good..time to grow up Kar!or some might say Kar Kar..haha..

with love,
karlisyle lum