Wednesday, November 25, 2009

According to you

the song above is by Orianthi-AN AMAZING FEMALE GUITARIST!:)
Hey people,
back here aH-gain,I know that i have been posting post that are Dry and boring but well i have nothing else to do!Grrh..home alone ah-gain..uGLY BETTY DVD'S FINISHED..JUST WAITING for GG dvds..haha..i was catching it in You tube..up to episode 8 i gave up because i have to watch it in 5 parts..Grrh..GG is worth the wait..hehe..

well.official countdown to NEW MOON:23 hours!hehe

well here's an update on my life:
1.I am currently hooked up with Orianthi-According to you!hehe..yeah,i have been singing this in the shower!:p

2.I am still nowhere accomplishing my study routine.

3.I am still the girl who is always in a Long term relationship but chickens out when it is nearing to 3 years.

4.I wanna be Love..

5.I still make my life complicated!grrh..

Life's so cynical.It can be like a circus sometimes.It's funny how it's so hard to find trustworthy people these days.even the ones you think that are family bite you in the back.i just want a peaceful life.that is why i never go home or let my family invade my life.i want 100% total privacy.If there was a daughter in the world who is a total stranger to the family,it had to be me only.they judge me in a light that not even normal people would.I'm always the bitch and the evil one.Giving u people a chance to know me is like giving a dog $$ Because you would have no idea what to do with it.I am very secretive from my family..maybe that's why i tend to be so open to others!haha..

im so tired of carrying this grudge.i wanna forget and forgive but somehow i cant.why am I like that?i also wish i knew.Who in this world would introduce themselves during orientation as a physco who thinks her fam doesnt love her?

You ask me which family would openly criticise about their own family members in tne ask me why am I like that.You think that I'M doing the wrong things all the time.ASK yourself,Have you ever bothered seating down with me and listening to me?You rather take others judgement about me then know me by yourself.

If you come closer,You'll find that i dont bite,i might even be loveable to you.

oh GAWD,im so sorry that i wrote Emotional vomit again..I just wish that my life never would have started this way..the grudge im carrying is heavy.i wanna erase all the pain.what would it take for you to understand me?

i miss the Good 'OL times!:)

with love,
karlisyle lum