Thursday, November 26, 2009


hey people,
Today's been a Good day..thank God!haha..because i saw my Bf in New Moon.
This will just be a short update..juts got back from having Jap dinner which was Awesome!:)had dinner with the Cullens(OK scratch my dreams)had it with the proves to show that having kids during dinner in a restaurant can be a task!haha:)
Fyi,I SAW new moon today!Edward Cullen is still so hot!

i sort of pissed BB off by whinning about wanting to go HK disneyland..haha..Duh,Mickey is my second Love affair in my life..haha..ok maybe im being a lil dramatic!:)

to Beffie,it's not that i don't want to be back but i am happy here in KL..i dON'T WANT TO GO BACK AND caused trouble to u know who..hehe.things are fine like that when im not around that person!u come kl..stay with me a day or two la!hehe..:)i Missie u!

OK I'M SIGNING OFF now..*crosses fingers that i'll be able to got HK disneyland soon!*

oh,did i mention i saw my Bf eDWARD Cullen today?ok this is starting to scare u..i sont know why i have this sudden love sick on a celebrity..this is not good..time to grow up Kar!or some might say Kar Kar..haha..

with love,
karlisyle lum

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

havent done this in a while:)

A dedication Post to Those that Play a Huge part in my life..
to the rest of you that arent mention.i still love you guys too k!hehe:)

**To my college mates that made the more interesting..(sorry but i dont seem to have pic of u guys in my lappy yet!hehe)
Terence,kavitha,Siew fan and Genise To name a few..thanks for being so nice to me!hehe..though we only known for a year now but i'm glad we had the chance to be friends!
Terence,thanks for always being there especially when things was really bad!you stood by me and those random SMS i send to u!thanks so much!lovie ya!
**THE newest addition to my fam!:)hehe..thanks you guys for making my life in KL a better one!:)You guys always make me smile and sorry for all the akward moments i have caused!thanks for making me open to new things! daytona,Left4dead..and thanks for always tolerating me being fussy!:)thanks for taking care of me like a baby sis!haha

** BB,kONG sze min..:)You are my definition of LOve..haha..damn cheesy..but i cant find any non cheesy way of doing these..:p
BB i love YOU MORE THAN Anything in this made me understand the meaning of two is better than one..thanks for always loving me and caring for me..u do a good job taking care of made me a better are the reason why i have the courage to fight the battles of the world..hehe..:)
i'm sorry for always having doubts about our realationship..thanks for never leaving me although there were moments i almost have wronged you..thanks for always catching me and picking me up whenever pieces of me crumble.I hope that we can be like this Forever through the good and bad times!i Love you,BB!:)Hopefully,we'll make it to 3 years!:)

**Kerryn my twin sis..i always deny that i catre and i dont show show u how i feel often because im just know i <3 u dont you?well,you have been the best to me in the fam all this understand me and everytime something bad happens to me,you were always there to be my crying see me suffer all this years and you atre the only 1 that truly understands my pain..thanks so much fopr being my own personal diary!thanks for hearing me out!
i'll never forget all the good memories we had..we aer connected somehow..maybe cause we have been sharing everything even when we were in mummy's stomach!:) sorry for always being the tougher one and bully u! sorry for being such an arse sometimes but thanks for accompanying me!you said that we have distant since coming to KL but i feel it's the other day round!i feel so much closer to u although we seee each other less!i'm glad that i have a twin Jie like u!:)couldnt have ask for a better one!

**Beffie dear!we have been Friends for almost 13 years,BFF for 6 are like a sister to me and you know how much i treasure willing to fight with anyone incl capik for u!hahaha..ok not to that extent..too lesbo vibey~:)
well there's so much to be said to u..but i have to start 1st with a Big THANK you..
when no one believe the good in me,you were there..thanks for never judging me and caring for me.Even though i abandon you during F2 for my BF you were there..remember the after school talks on the phone?we can gayut for hours and hours..sometimes till ur dad balik and then tiba2 u'll get akward on the phone?haha:)i miss all those good 'OL times..we were so young and innocent..i remember how u always had so much boy trouble..and how when i was Fat in F1,you were always being so nice lying to me that maybe my crush would like me back just to make me smile!:)
I remember Pn.Sharmala always said that we two were like siamese twins cause we cant be apart.though the last few years in high school,our friendhip suffred alil but im glad that we got so close when we both started college..

i love you and i know u love me..:p..thanks for always being there!you are the closest anyone has ever gotten with me..sometimes i think even Kong's jealous of you..haha..

**ALL of my Good Friends!i miss you people so much.Thanks for all the times that you had to put up with all of my nonesense.
Ju,thanks for always being there when i and ker organise something.You have beeen truly a good friend to me..:)Though we barely talk now but our friendship has always been more done than said!i <3 u..

TO the rest of you,although time and location have split us all glad i had my fair chance to have been close with each one of you!I have never regretted knowing each one of you because of you guys i am who i am today!thanks so much!:)
WANtheng,wei lynn and Jia li,i miss you 3 always being the trio,during PRS,we gotten to know each other very well..3 of u are crazy people and really fun to be with!:)
Caroline and June,thanks so much for being there..especially during F4 for being close to me..the Girl dramas and school trouble that we all had to go through guys have always been like an elder sis to me although u guys are

with loads of love,
karlisyle lum

According to you

the song above is by Orianthi-AN AMAZING FEMALE GUITARIST!:)
Hey people,
back here aH-gain,I know that i have been posting post that are Dry and boring but well i have nothing else to do!Grrh..home alone ah-gain..uGLY BETTY DVD'S FINISHED..JUST WAITING for GG dvds..haha..i was catching it in You tube..up to episode 8 i gave up because i have to watch it in 5 parts..Grrh..GG is worth the wait..hehe..

well.official countdown to NEW MOON:23 hours!hehe

well here's an update on my life:
1.I am currently hooked up with Orianthi-According to you!hehe..yeah,i have been singing this in the shower!:p

2.I am still nowhere accomplishing my study routine.

3.I am still the girl who is always in a Long term relationship but chickens out when it is nearing to 3 years.

4.I wanna be Love..

5.I still make my life complicated!grrh..

Life's so cynical.It can be like a circus sometimes.It's funny how it's so hard to find trustworthy people these days.even the ones you think that are family bite you in the back.i just want a peaceful life.that is why i never go home or let my family invade my life.i want 100% total privacy.If there was a daughter in the world who is a total stranger to the family,it had to be me only.they judge me in a light that not even normal people would.I'm always the bitch and the evil one.Giving u people a chance to know me is like giving a dog $$ Because you would have no idea what to do with it.I am very secretive from my family..maybe that's why i tend to be so open to others!haha..

im so tired of carrying this grudge.i wanna forget and forgive but somehow i cant.why am I like that?i also wish i knew.Who in this world would introduce themselves during orientation as a physco who thinks her fam doesnt love her?

You ask me which family would openly criticise about their own family members in tne ask me why am I like that.You think that I'M doing the wrong things all the time.ASK yourself,Have you ever bothered seating down with me and listening to me?You rather take others judgement about me then know me by yourself.

If you come closer,You'll find that i dont bite,i might even be loveable to you.

oh GAWD,im so sorry that i wrote Emotional vomit again..I just wish that my life never would have started this way..the grudge im carrying is heavy.i wanna erase all the pain.what would it take for you to understand me?

i miss the Good 'OL times!:)

with love,
karlisyle lum

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

it's so quiet here at night

hey people,
back for a short update.haven't been studying though i should start on it.grrh i am damn pissed that my holidays are coming to an end but so many KUANTAN-ians are only beggining to have their hols.Grrrh..jeles much?

well,nothing much except that i finish UGLY BETTY season3 Dvds with im left with nothing else to watch except ASTRO.well,finally book New Moon tix for this thurs..2pm movie..the good seats are almost sold out + i didnt know that it was 18SG..the movie will be so good!haha..EDWARD..i love you!and yes,Nadia i know that you dont understand why anyone can like him!but just look at mysterios and handsome!haha..:)

I really dont feel like studying.Manage to spring clean my room today!yipee!so dusty after 2 weeks being vacant!haha..what else..well basically bunch of rants..haha..dont bother wasting your time!:x

hurmxx this is some the things bothering me lately:
1.what if i dont manage to get 4a's for my alevel.where will i go next.haish
2.why cant i have my cake in two?why do we always have to choose?haish..

well,AS INSPIRED by beffie's post
these are some of the things i fear about:
-Losing the people close to me now
-Having people mmisunderstand about me
-Putting on weight!:p

ok that's all for now..

with love,
karlisyle lum

Monday, November 23, 2009

why is Two is Better than One?

hey people,
back with a short update..feeling a lil mellow..home alone right now..ker went for started classes too.hurmxx..the tv's On so that i wont feel so alone,i am so jealous of the people having hols come mine so diff with the rest?now ny every1 unfair..well i guess that is fact no1 bout life,it is unfair.

1.Beth's recent post about Fat really hit me.well i am too currently facing that problem myself.well having a pear shape body when you are only 4ft11 will do harm to ur image.people often classify me as fat.i agree with beth,it doesnt mean just cause i have more flesh than others in certain areas makes me fat.

2.i hate having trust issues with people.In my opinion in any relationships,trust is the most important key.If there is no trust then why bother carrying on.I hate the fact i make u sad and insecure because i have more Guy friends now than before but that's how it is with me now.i know if it were the other way round i would be really sad and jealous but i don't know how to make it up to you.

3.I don't want to always be the one that care.why can't you take the initiative and find me 1st?why do i always have to be the one who misses you 1st?Am i NOt important in your life as you are in mine?

4.i wanna watch new moon twice!:)Edward is mine!

5.I hate Politics.The ones with the power are the one in favour.Just because i don't like sucking up to you but the other person does then why does that person deserves better treatment?

6.I hate is even worst when you have one living right under your nose..breathing down on you on your every breath.Fuck off and get a life..oops i forgot you dont have one!

7.i am so lazy to study already!holiday too long!:x..i wanna play daytona and left4dead again!:p

8.The 4 of us had nothing better to do..we decided to all wear black last can see in the pic below!:)

9.i miss you as i always had.sometimes i wish we could have been closer.haish

10.Why can't i have my cake in two?

pictures of the moment:

with love,
karlisyle lum

Friday, November 20, 2009

You took away part of me when you took my heart away~

hey people,
so sorry for tha lack of updates.BB's last week of hols so it's been pretty hectic..been out and about!hehe..29th nov marks the end of my freedom!:)
as promised,updates on my penang trip!
My To do List whenever i am in PEnang/Ipoh:

1.if u ever are headed to Penang,you can drop by Ipoh which is on the way to penang or if you are crazy enough to stay another night last minute do have the famous dim sum for breakfast or the famous kai si hor remember do grab a cup of coffee in the original Oldtown kopitiam!:)

2.Do not hesitate on walking around looking for tidbits and their delicasies.hehe..sometimes the best thing are the hardest to find so walk around the'll get to see the sceneries..there a + point for u!;)

3.Do drop by the KFC and the Ship.Although it can be found nationwide but this two outlets in penang are rather interesting.the KFC is situated in an authenthic building while the ship well as you can see is literally the ship..haha..

4.I know you are thinking why go to a KOPITIAM when there is countless of it in KL and everywhere.But this particular GEORGETOWN kopitiam is a must eat at for me.the TEOCHEW cHENDUL WAS ah-mazing.haha..if you are afraid of putting on weight,there is a healthier option for you that is the soyabean with the brown sugar and cendol.haha and then of course you can have the skyjuice there which u can see me drinking..haha..dont ask me why there's a pic of the cup of water..chan insisted on taking the pic..haha..:)

5.Go to the beach and Camwhore!:)

MY 5 things to never DO/GO when you are in penang/ipoh
1.Never Ever travel in the car after you got drench wet by the rain.we had to travel back to KL after we got drench from visiting Kellies castle.:)the next day,no Voice and Flu..grrh..but those Good times was worth it!:)

2.Do not become crazy and stupid as us to decide at 8.30pm that you suddenly want to stay another night when you have a friend who's working the next day!haha,yes,we stayed another night at Ipoh because there were 3 crappy people who didnt want to go back to are looking at one of them!:x

3.Don't bring Your fave toy Pig if u have a friend who IS IN LOVE with pig became a victim of is better not to Have Bak kut teh at this shop in Penang.The service was rather good but the soup and yau char kueh tasted weird.other than that,their dry bak kut teh was delicious!:)
plus it wouldnt kill for the fact that there were Ah-dorable dog pets Lurking around the shop!:)hehe

5.Never Ever step foot into this shop as u'll regret you can see,there is only a picture of a pathethic plate of fried 'Lo Bak Koh' because we waited for bloody30 mins and that was the only thing served to us.This shop service was a disgracement towards humankind.No sytematic order of doing tasks.THe worst thing is people that ordered and came later than us got served before us.That plate of thing served to us tasted terrible pulak tu.Grrh..thinking abot it also sets me on fire..

last but not least,always remember to camwhore camwhore camwhore!camwhore pics,you can see in my FB album!:)

with love,
karlisyle lum!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

satellite heart!:)

hey people,
blog still in trouble..grrh~ pictures show up as encrypted codes and font still unchangeable!ggrhhh..
besides that,i think my blogging mojojo is back?haha..the blogging bug has come back?haha..crap..i am being crappy huh?

"the party don't start till i walk in" Guess where was the lyrics from?Hint:the song i am super into now..haha!

1.Found this in Kong's camera and i asked B who did this and he answered:
"You lah..i where got so childish.."
ok so now im childish..WTF..haha..guess somehow i always like to do lame stuff..wahaha..the bear was a pass on from me and meor's r/ship..maybe that's why kong doesnt care about it..but now worries..i have both of em now!:)

2.i realised that i have more confidence when i am FAT..haha..i use to be a debater when i was in primary school..haish..i wish that sometimes i can be less paraniod..i wanna change for the better but why is it so hard?haish..

3.i have to work harder for my law a2 papers cause i got a B for paper 2 AS law..screw law!grrh..

4.Currently rockin to kesha cole-tic know how it's like my ring tone,my alarm tone will usually be the song.haha..i know i always get bored of it cause i make it a routine to hear the songs im currently into atleast twice a day!hehe..

5.i am watching 2012 TONINGHT!keke..i read it in FB that the ending sucked?well i'll have to see for myself then!:p

6.Christmas is coming so that we leave me Broke again!:(haha but i will endure the pain as the spirit of giving is much more crucial..

7.I am sort of scared to start classes in 2 weeks time!new classmates again!haish..hopefully i can charm my way in!:x

8.i miss the good times we use to have..well personally,things havent been great for us..i am determine to work it out..haha..well,somehow it'll never be how it used to be but thanks for always being there!:)

9.i was browsing through Kong's old camera and i found tons of our after SPM hang outs..remember how Relax use to be our almost weekly YC spot?we even ponteng +maths tuition during mooncake festival and went there?the good times..i miss u people!:(

10.i really want this soundtrack CD!haha..did u know the movie's not even out yet this soundtrack have made it to no1# in the billboard 200?grrh..a so must have!i want..hehe:)

with love,
karlisyle lum

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nyonya ABC + Chicken rice ball=Good times:)

hey people,
after Beffie's birthday,the next mrning i and BB were headed to Melaka..B and our friend Chan haven't been to Melaka before so what better reason for us not to go there?haha..

ok as i said in my last couple of posts,i am currently facing probs with my blogger posting functions..even when i upload the pics,all of the pics are like the just sorry for boring pics with no captions k?hehe..but do look at the pics and narate your own there at least something for u to do besides reading this boring blog..;p..haha..

10 facts of the Day:
1.BB is having 2weeks sem break..wee~
2.My sore eyes are getting worst..
3.i am using SKIN FOOD's pomegranate whitening night serum and it's working very well..haha..:)i know i have suddenly become damn vain about being fair!stupid i have join the cult of those typical girls!ish
4.i have an overexcessive oily scalp!using KIEHL'S shampoo now but any suggestion on bertter shampoo?
5.i am watching 2012 this sat!
6.i am going penang this any DVD request people?
7.i sold my 1st dress at!wee~
8.i love my life now!so need rush for classes..but not for long..:(
9.I am glad that i met Capik the other day!:)
10.i hope that my kuantan mates will be going genting for new year's countdown too!cause i'll be there from 31st to the 3rd..

p.s:does any1 have any ideas whether there are cheap and nice clothes in penang and where i can get em?pretty please!im going with 3 guys so u pretty much can figure out..haha..thanks!

with love,
karlisyle lum!

p.s:watch out for next week for penang pics pulak!:)