Friday, October 30, 2009

i miss you

hey people,
loads on my much happening in my life..sometimes i feel so tired of battling all this feelings on my own..i wish someone could understand me..then again i guess im the one who always make things so complicated for others to understand..grrh..

okay let me feed you with 10 random facts bout me:
1.i am PMS-ing damn badly so stay away!:p
2.i still dont know what i wanna be..maybe that's why i am so cool about finishing my alevels on next year may.
3.i want a BLACKBERRy curve 8520.
4.i am official cash at all.
5.i am in dire need of an outfit reinvention..
6.i still hearts MAXI dress.
7.i am officially declaring my LOVE to annabeth lee..:)haha..
8.i want a black puppy..
9.i wanna lose weight..
10.i am starting to hate the fact that i am so EFFING short.

hehe..tell me ten random facts of yourselves any day..i would love to know...:)

with love,
karlisyle lum

Thursday, October 29, 2009

i touch dog poo twice and step on dog poo once

hey people,
back with an update on SPCA trip the other day with the SEGI-ans..hehe..(CATCH club commitee)
well,i had a blast that day(thanks ker) but i learnt that i can take care of one puppy or dog but definitely not 2000..i almost died of shock when david told me there are 200 stray dogs/puppies.despite my love for dogs,i just couldn't be sacrificial enough especially upon arrival to the dogs section,a punguent smell draw my smelling senses and immediately i knew i am going to die.haha..

okay i know im being over dramatic(as always) but hell yeah the smell was crazily smelly and even if you tried to ignore the smell,it comes right back poking your nostrils..haha..
well,all i know is i might not be able to help out as a permanent volunteer there but i can surely help by adopting a puppy there someday.

to you people who are thinking of getting a pet,think twice before going to a pet store and buying a pet which will cost u over rm1000..i know that the strays in spca mignt not be of pure breed but they offer the same kind of love and fun as the puppies you get in the store..besides think of it this way,the spca puppies/dogs are desperately in need of care n love..imagine you being abandon and left to survive on your own on the streets,you surely want to find a new home fast right?hepl the dogs,puppies and cats there!there have all kinds of breed!they even offer a few pure breeds i assure you..i still didnt convince you enough?well,just pay a visit to the spca and look harm and you got nothing to lose,if nothing catches your attention,then leave and go ahead and get a puppy from the pet store!just make sure the puppy you buy dont end up on the streets or the SPCA..

and for those of you who have lost a dog or a cat,you may contact them because they will be ever willing to return them to you!:)

besides giving the strays hope and love,you will definitely be able to save tons of $$$ and save you a trip to the pet store..if you are adopting a stray,a small donation is only needed while the dogs or puppies which are of pure breed is about,eh?plus they are already train not to bite!hehe..

okayla,if you are still not convince that getting a puppy from SPCA(like my BB-some people just tend to be so negative about strays),then you are just plain heartless..hehe..
i'll leave you to the pics now!

of course la must camwhore..we took the pics after we were done with our work

i just had to take the pic of this..the dog named chanel..cant afford a chanel handbag?no worries,get this dog instead!:p

the puppies that i am so gonna get!hehe..

the reception counter where all the paper works are done!:)

the so called library..but then more like a store room..

the cats in their cribs

some of the work we had to do as volunteer

p.s:if you wanna see kerryn's pic of holding a puppy real life,come view my facebook..she really carried a puppy..she sort of overcome her fear to dogs a lil and is thinking of joining over to the dog people side..
im always more of a dog person..what about u?:)
with love,
karlisyle lum

Friday, October 23, 2009

i need a new phone BADLY..

hey people,
between judging my time for studies,facebook and going out with friends,now i gotta take time smsin too..haha..i am currently using a 'samsung' phone..touchscreen infact..haha..well i am not sure whether as to not to say this aloud but i guess it is not as samsung as u think..haha..'samsung'..see it as quoted..

well,all i can say is as compared to the last time i replied someone less than a minute or i take up as long as 5mins for a full page sms..aargh..i guess it's a way of god telling me touch screen is so not my thing..haha..

well,i am weighing my options on the PINK LG ice cream phone and a not sure as to when i am getting either phones yet as i am still in debt for my camera..haven't finish paying my installment for parents love me to learn the hard way..whatever i want,i either have to earn it or pay thru my nostrils for it..hehe..yes,i get the message,money doesn't come by easily..will you buy me a new phoney for me?puh-leaseeeee??haha..

well i am contemplating on the blackberry cause i scared i might then abandon my baby ipod touch cause it already covers all the function an ipod has..haha..then that will just put my ipod to waste..but i guess carrying along my ipod,a phone and camera ain't exactly the most convenient thing either..haha..

OR should i get the LG ice cream?it is so pretty but its function is rather basic..i don't think it is even WIFI enabled..haha..but then i have an ipod touch which i do carry around to substitue that needs..hehe..

a simple phone or a blackberry?

with love,
karlisyle lum

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

evacuate the dancefloor-cascada

hey people,
it has been one hell of a week..with kat leaving this morning,things feel so quiet again..missing her like crazy..did a lot of sister bonding with her..i shall beat you in daytona soon!rematch next time!
when i was uploading pics from the halloween party,i was figuring out what this post shall be about..i wanna make it a happy one but i am afraid i might be unable to do so..feeling a lil's like there's an emptiness and quietness again in my heart..
i never really open up to my family..i am always afraid of being's like if you ever got too close to one person and one day when that certain person walks out of ur life,there will be a large void that need to be refill..i was always the blacksheep of the family because i act a lil different..i am always the bossy,picky and demanding one..yes i am always complaining about this and that..but that's who i am..

i never knew that i and Kat had so much in common..had a blast with her for a week while she was thing i admire about her is her capability of not takingsome things so seriously..that's why she's always happy even something's bothering her in the back of her mind..i miss you,NGOK NGOK!can't wait for u to be here again!:)

on another total unrelated topic,i really am missing my friends..all of's funny how people always tell me in everything i do,i am always the one that puts the most effort..thinking about it,it may be somehow true..i keep reminscing cack in highschool where ker and I were always planning suprise parties for people..for a while back then ,i always felt so use like i was alwyas taken for granted..i always thought was it because i wasn'tpretty enough that's why i always had to work harder taht others to keep my friends..
now i realise there will always be someone who has to be the one who takes the extra mile..if not nothing will ever be done..

you told me nothing would change or come between us
i hate this gap that is coming between us
it feels so funny becasue somehow you are like a stranger to me now
we were once so close
now i barely can remember the image of u in my head
i don't wanna lose what we have or had

some picas for u people,

"kill the devilish pumpkin!"

"surrender or die..muahahaha"

"example of 'nudge and threaten' skills that suck";p


"classic..Rambo and Devillish pumpkin"

".....,phua chu kang went blonde,star wars gone wrong,spartan missing head gear and rambo"

"darth vader..(rocker style!)"

"failed attempt of flying to heaven..banished from heaven only pure angels allowed.."


"dark angel with her french maid with two drunk pirates couple"

"mismatch from hell"

"dark angel gone good.."BAD GIRLS GONE GOOD!:P
WITH <3,
more pictures in FB soon!
karlisyle lum ern ai!<3

Saturday, October 17, 2009


hey people,
just got back has been a long day..finally done with the halloween/birthday party..
my mood's sort of spoiled..had a fight again with u know who..haish..anyhow,i just wanted to pen a few words and go sleep for a while after this..

pics will be uploaded soon in facebook so do watch out k!

with love,
karlisyle lum

Monday, October 5, 2009

what you doing this halloween?

hey people,

well let's hope that i won't start going all crappy in this post because i am seriously high right now..okay maybe partially's that time of the month again and i just pop in painkiller which was given to me for my minor operation last year.yes,i dashed it somewhere in the cupboard and it's the only painkiller i could find.haha.but at least it's holding up the pain for now but i am feeling super sleeepy which results me in being not able to hold a book..Gawd,another unproductive day..i guess i juts have to wave goodbye to another day.haha..

as you people now,Halloween's on oct 31st and for my 18years of life,this day was just another ordinary day.well you can say i am for one not big on this day of celebration..haha..but well,this year,oct 17th or 18th,i'll be attending a costume birthday party..a birthday and halloween party..sort of a 2 in i decided to go as a dark angel,i know so predictable kan?but who cares..i for one you should know takut malu so i'll definitely not go as something if i don't feel what Kong likes to say,control cantik sangat.haha..

i wanted some of your opinion on whether i should do heavy emo make up or go natural..i just wanna play my part right as a dark angel ok?hehe..there are two pics as an example..well my dress is a straight cut with jagged ends and it's pretty short..should i wear leggings or flaunt my huge

okay i am not making sense with my words..well if any of you do read this,do leave me your opinions ok?
hehe..and do tell me if any of you going for some costume/halloween celebration too..

p.s:i am not lying but i bet you people would love to see what Kong's gonna wear..typical of him..always embarassing himself..well if he has the guts,go ahead then.wahhaha..
i'll post up pics of the party k?hehe..

go natural like option 1


option 2?

with love,
karlisyle lum..
p.s:who's going to the gathering at sunway this sat?can't wait to see u guys..and wear my maxi dress!camwhore time!:)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

i wish

hey people,
yup as promise i'll try to be back more often to pen some silly crappy stuff on this blog of mine..well oh well,the purpose of me posting this post is..because i had a dream of us again..
it's silly of me but i am going to admit it..i miss him..terribly alot.i hate myself so much sometimes because i am Kong's 1st Gf so he doesn't have any memories of another girl that use to be part of his life unlike me.Gawd sometimes i wish things would have be the opposite then maybe i don't always have this thoughts that i can't share with my BF.i hate so much when i am keeping my feelings from him or hiding something on my mind.

i dreamt of us again being what we use to be but only at the end part,i realise that what i did was stupid that i hurt her.some part of me long to be back to what we used to be.i miss being a part of your life and i miss you being part of my life.i know this post is bit too emo and wrong but i have to let it out.i miss all our memories.the way you used to make me laugh and smile.oh,how i wish things didn't change between us..

if there was 1 wish i could have is to erase the memories of us.i know it's stupid but the good memories we use to share is hurting me.i keep reminiscing on them and when i miss them,i feel os vulnerable.i wanna block out all the memories of what we use to be.maybe that way i can be a better friend to you.i admit i always try to avoid keeping in touch bacuse i fear i may like you again.i fear that maybe some feelings that i have for u underneath will grow stronger.i even hid all our pictures because i couldn't find the courage to see them.i know to be strong,i have to confront the problem and not run away.

i hate the fact that maybe some part of me insside still loves and longs for you.i feel so naked saying all this aloud.i feel like a fucking isit possible for me to even think about you when i am in love with Kong and you in love with her.

i wanna grow stronger and defeat this feelings because i know i have a responsibility towards him , myself and to you.i will try my best.i miss you...there's nothing more to that.

with love,
karlisyle lum