Friday, August 21, 2009


hey people,
today have not been what i would like to call ospicious day..
beauty sleep was interupted with the sound of kong's nephew screaming
then later called from mum..
and then fight with the BF...

i think i have lost some sense in me when i decided to throw away the old me..
today i did the 2nd worst mistake in my life..ok maybe 3rd..
1st was forgetting to take bus tickets back to kuantan and that time were rushing back to take spm results the next day..:p
2nd was i left my handphone in nasi kandar kayu,ss2 branch(which i later recovered because they called my mum to inform that they intend to return the hp!:p)
3rd is today..i literally gave the cashier to keep the change of my rm50 after purchasing only rm8 worth of goods unintentionally..

thank God the cashier was an honest guy..when i went back there bout 20 mins later(ya when i was taking out cash to pay for my 17 mag only i realised i didn't take my change),he rememberd me and said that that ya u walk off without ur change..thank god if not i would have lost rm41.40..kaka..

an uneventful day..came to college to settle my scholarship extension..expected it to be done in an hor or two so0 i did not bring any books to revise on..the thing was done in a matter of minutes and now so here i am using the college com lab..

and stupid thing is i can't log on to facebool\k..the url is apparently blocked..idiot!

have another 4 hours to go!haish..

with love,
karlisyle lum

Monday, August 17, 2009

self preservation

i know no doubt i'll be question for doing what i decided to do..
i know it means i'll be graduating a year later at the age of 24 but i think this is the path i should take..what's a year salary if i have the probality of getting a FULL SCHOLARSHIP for my degree..i know i am taking a really wild chance but hey the provalities are 50% so why not?plus if things work out for me and kong,i'll already save more than a year finding new guys!haha...okay..this is just something to make myself feel better about my decision..

moving on to what's new in my life..hehe..i'll be getting my ass back in kuantan next monday abd will be back by sept1..i need this break seriously plus now that i have another 6months to study a2 and buss so why not..hehe..a week won't kill me..

nothing much except that life's been really good..been hanging out with the same people since i met em..well guess it's difficult to get people that can tolerate the crazy in me..haha..

with love,
karlisyle lum

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

whisper to me these words

everything will be fine
all of these will end someday
you'll grow out of it
we belong
im yours forever
everything lasts..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

whwn i am most lost,i now know i have you

enjoy the cute sakais pic by us!;p

hey people,

results are all in on alevel exams..

as for me half the battle is only done..

i still have to face my a2 exams so the battle's begin..

one thing i hate about is the expectations i now face..

Gah..let's just try my best and hope for the best but again i am not going to put high expectations on myself so that i'll be contented with whatever i get..


i really wanna run away from reality again..

somehow i now feel like going to the us for a week of shopping..

when will this dream be fulfilled?


"it's funny how much can change in one day"..

but at the end of it i know i can always count on you on being there..:p

with love,

karlisyle lum

Friday, August 7, 2009

colbie cailat-battle

hey there,

no one has ever made me smile this way
my palms have never sweat this much
i have never felt this way before
i battle with myself everysingle day
i question myself
why did you choose me
why did i choose you
i know someday this might end for us
but i know i was even lucky to have had you in my life
even if all of this ends now,
part of me will always be there with you..:p

waking up in malaysia :p

hey people,
i have been's been abandon and i think some people really have given up on me posting..maybe that's why my number or people coming to visit is falling drastically..anyhow i am much more active at twitter so people please do koin twitter and let's all tweet together..hehe..

this is going to be one of those desperate attempt post..i am literally bored to death..had yet another unproductive week..maybe it's the butterflies of getting results this mon that's keeping me in this state of laziness..:p

don't worry,i'll start crash studying soon!:p..well i am pretty much fine and happy..hehe..period's about to end,what's there not to be happy about..oh now u say,trials and exams in the october!well i guess i'll chuck that at the back of my mind for now and remain happy!

"whisper to me in my sleep,
tell me it will all be fine,
kiss me in the cheek before night dawn upon us,
let me have it for the last time,
until time allows us again."

with love,
karlisyle lum