Friday, June 19, 2009

bored to death

hey people,

i am so effin bored..

till i feel like pulling all of my hair out or even scratching out my eyeballs

desperate much?

that's one thing i hate about KL..

we are separated so far,it's so hard to meet up with anyone..

psst.i am so scared i'll be a fat ass living this boring life cause i eat when im bored!gah..die!
psst2.isit just me or american manufactured food are often oversalty or over sweet?the burger king onion rings and krispy kreme donuts sure prove me right!

with heaps of love,
karlisyle lum.. going home..soon!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

worse things in life

hey people,
another random posts
i was bloghopping and i went to find ker in her room
she was in tears and i thought it was cause of me..
but thank God,it wasn't me..

for all of you interested.
read annabeth's friend's blog.
it's a like a real life love tragic love story novel..

i text beth straight away..
with tears choked in my throat as i read word by word written by her in her blog..
she pen her feelings in the blog
she pen words she wish that he can read from whereever he is now..
and i thought breaking up was pain..

i text beth and i told her that if i were in her shoes,
i would have killed myself believing i'll meet him in afterlife
i know that you are not suppose to take your own life because it's God to decide
but i salute YANA for having so much courage
she even manage to pen her grief through words in her blog
i have never known anyone so strong..

although i don't know both of them,
but yana i hope and i know from afar he is watching you and he is super proud that you are so strong..

death really is an eye-opener
it teaches us not to take anything or anyone for granted
sometimes we always take for granted simple stuff
because we always have the thought of next time
but what if you were given a chance and you took it for granted and not realising that was your one and only chance?

Mum and DAD,
i never been a good daughter..
i know i was one of the toughest to bring up
because i was a handful
being so stubborn all the time and always learning from the hard way
i know both of you love me
sometimes i don't get the way you show me you guys care
but deep down..
i know..
thanks for taking care of me
despite me being so difficult at times..
i love you two too..
though i often find it difficult to express it..

with sadness in the air,
karlisyle lum

time machine

hey people,
i am so in the mood to blog all of a sudden
maybe cause i am feeling abit down
i know i made her sad and down
because for no reason i am feeling down too!
yes people twins are telepathic..what more us identical twins..
please cheer up k?i am willing to accept anything as long as you are happy..
you will always be my only twin sis and GOD how many people in the world has a twin so no matter how hard it is,i'll learn to accept him as someone important in your life..

okay now moving to the real issue..
if there's one thing i hope is that someday scientists will be able to create a time machine
i know for you all haters out there,no point of a time machine cause it's better to live life for the moment right?

but this is just a random wish..
i had a chat with one of my good friend..
that person told me that as you grow older
you'll find yourself making friends with someone for a reason intentionally or unintentionally..
as i think about it,it is actually true..
even when he was befriending me,he had an intention..
but thank God,we clicked so well,he actually sayang me as a good friend now..

now i understand why some guys seem interested to friend me but half way leave me hanging
after i tell them i have a boyfriend..
i really wish life can be so much simpler like when we were young
back then,we were naive but life was much more fun.,,
i made friends with someone because i want to..
i didn't need a reason to befriend anyone

like what he told me,
when you were little,
your bestfriends could be the one who has the most difference from you
but because you love them unconditionally,you accept them
and there's no reason why you are bestfriends with that person..

that little theory of him seems to be so true
because as far as i check,me and ANNABETH have the most difference but yet we are still best friends and it has been like what?6years?since form1..
even when she steps on my tail and i step on hers,
at the end we find a way to forgive each other or tolerate one another..

it's so different now
growing up everywhere i go,
there's a clique
as long as they think you fit in,you are consider their friends
if not you are just some bitch or asshole that is left friendless..
i remember at one point in my life during f4 i was so damn desperate to be friends with the popular girls till i became a person i hated the most..
a hypocrite..

but thank God,out of that experience,i actually gained true friends
until the day i die,even if i don't keep in touch with you people.
i will remember you people k?
all the people in the pic are some of them..
not forgetting caroline,june,sarmila.michelle anusha,siew fan,terence..

with heaps of L.O.V.E,
karlsiyle lum

came clean

hey people,
i officially lost my blogging bug because nowadays i am either too busy with the tv or i am glued to my ipod..
sims 3 and jojo fashion show!*i know i am a typical girly girl*but i do miss my DOTA-in time except for the fact i totally forget how to play it already..
if ever*in my dreams*you apple people read this,please please try to get the distribution rights and have DOTA as a game i can play on my ipod!thank you..

i finally had bonding session with her
i told her the truth..
i feel relieved telling her how i really feel about him
but also bad because i left someone sad and hurt

i been lying to people faces for the past year because i was avoiding hurting people
but i am done lying
the truth will come out
even if you want me to tell a lil white lie in order to make someone happy,i am not going to do it anymore
i am frank this is who i am..
i'll learn to tell what i should and not
so next time unless you want the truth,don't come running asking me questions..

to her*u know who you are*,
you love him and i can see the happiness he is capable of giving you,
go ahead and be with him forever if that makes you happy
i'll learn to accept him
i know that i am mean spirited at times
but believe me as long as you are happy,
i am fine with it..
i am sorry that i made you sad for tellin g you the truth
but here's a soory note to you
and i am 100% ok with you being with him if you believe he's the 1...

people constantly question me
why am i so mean spirited
well apart from the fact of me not being a physcology student,
i believe that every1 behaves the way they do for a reason..

mine is because i am defensive over myself and the people i love
i say things i don't mean just to show people i am stronger than em
i may seem so strong and will powered on the outside but the truth is inside,
i am weak and i break down easily..
there i said it..with no regrets..

i been misunderstood simply too many times
that i couldn't care less anymore because in the midst of the mess,i finally saw who are my true friends..
thank you to you people who stood by me
God,i miss you guys!

with heaps of love,
karlisyle lum

Friday, June 12, 2009

hush hush

hey people,
i am finally half way through with my alevels..somehow it doesn't seem as exciting as i expected..haha..maybe cause every1 else is either busy or gone..
anyhow i been watching the volume 3 of gossip girl 2nd season..ya the finale chapters
i personally hate the ending and i hope there is going to be gossip girl II..i am so not happy that my favourite couple did not end up together..
i am not gonna burst the bubble for those of you who haven't watch it..

psst.i really miss you people..can't wait to get back to Kuantan

with love,
karlisyle lum

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


hey people,
have been real moody for this past couple of weeks..
exam stresses i blame..
anyhow 4 papers down 2 more to go..
finally freedom here i come..
byw beth yes annabeth is coming for a day to kl on the 6 of june
anyone interested in meeting up with her and of course with the rest of us too,please reach me through my cell..

stop telling me all this lies
i know what's the truth
i am no longer your puppet for you to toy around
cut me loose and give me my space
let me determine my own life and let me the person i am happiest to be
just get out of my life

stop telling me you will be there for me when all you gonna do is leave without a word at the end
i know you..cause i am human like u
humans are liars
stop deceiving me with all the sweet words
give me the truth straight to my face..

with love,
karlisyle lum