Thursday, May 28, 2009

to the both of us

hey people,
this is how i am going to share with you guys how i celebrated my birthday..i had a awesome one this year..*thanks to B!*

event:cupcakes(birthday song)
location:B's room

EVENT:my 19th birthday

location:Fullhouse restaurant at ara damansara

theme:pretty and white(korean based restaurant)

Event:Elson(Kong's super adorable nephew) 1st birthday


location:Hometown kopitiam

the party pack included photo frame containing pictures of the guests with retro or lame happy birthday sunglasses..i found them rather adorable and interesting..something fresh..

me and B in the super cute sunglasses

shameless camwhore!;p

with love,

karlisyle lum

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

be with you

hey people,
finally have a break of 1 week before the next paper..manage to compose myself yesterday..despite the fact that i was faced with tough questions but i manage to held my composure and did my best*hopefully*well i am not terryfyingly confident but it should be ok..

anyhow the title is as such because i am not sure if you guys have the same opinion with me..but i don't usually like mandarin wannabe songs that are half sang in chinese and half in mandarin..but this 1 particular song really draw my attention..wilber pan feat Akon-be with you..

anyhow..yaeh finally 3 papers down 3 more to go!

can't wait till i'll be a year older tomorrow..19..haha..culup tua!wakaka..another quiet year of celebration where it'll just be me and him..kinda pathethic huh but well i guess everyone's pretty busy with exams..

p.s he said he has suprises for me..can't wait..

with love,
karlisyle lum

Friday, May 15, 2009

the three letter word

hey people,
okay so far what i did today:
1.woke up effing early and get my ass to college for exam
2.Had terrible stomach ache due to exam stress..
3.didn't even want to finish a piece of bread cause i was really scared(but i had to to write 3 essays)
4.ended up only finishing 1 essay.
5.embarassed myself in the lrt by having teary puff eyes.

okay it all started like this..i felt pretty confident and prepared..come on i even studied the effing criminal topics..
so everything went well then boom i saw the stupid tribunal question but i had to choose 3 so no choice..i didn't want to do Human rights nor Law reform..
i write 3 and a half pages for common law and equity..studied it like a bible because i was so sure in my gut it will one of the questions..tribunal i only manage to cover the intro and 3points then hang..i panic..(1st time i actually froze when i was writting!nothing came into my mind!)

the saddest wwas the last question..i knew it in my heart all the points..after i was done with the intro,mr Sara announced you have your last five mins..adrenaline rush to my head and i told myself to just write all the facts that i know in point form..started going back to the 2nd and 3rd essay scribbling all the points i know..
dead:no conclusion..

so they took the paper away from me and i happily told Kavitha i think i can get a B or a C and she told me hers a C or D cause she didn't finish 1 essay..then i was like wth?! she straight forwardly (thanks for your honesty ya!)tell me i should expect the worst cause i didn't finish two frigging essay then only reality hit me and i started to think back..God,i need at least 16 marks for each essay for a B..knowing that i didn't finish means definitely i can only get a max of 11 each essay cause of poor presentation..

so i went up to the 4th floor to find siew fan..yup got separated from my good friend..i went on and on bout 30 mins bout how i did not manage to finish the essays..she was in disbelieve and shocked..i guess everyone was..haish even myself until now still think it's a dream..

i am so dissapointed in myself for dissapointing so many people..
guess i just have to move on and try my best for accounts and econs!
maybe law just isn't my forte..

psst.i really need strength and support from u guys..i never felt so dumb and i really feel that i have fallen to the bottom pit..
with love,
karlisyle lum

Friday, May 8, 2009

this is why

hey people,
today has been okay..hopefully it will be an even more evntful day once i get my ass to one u..need to go Clinique and get another product as my blackheads has only reduced alil in this 2months..*stubborn blackheads*

so okay..people always asked me why i don't read the newspaper..apparently in college i appear to be like a bimbo because i sometimes appear to be living until a nutshell..well i admit that i don't read much of the newspaper last time mainly cause i hate the smell of the cheap paper and how your fingers get black..other than that,the size of the newspaper is rather huge i would it is not convenient to read it inside of the public transports unless you wanna get some lizard sound from the people sitting around know the sound that goes my favourite reader's digest which is rather small and compatible..yey i do read alot ok!

so today's newspaper..the metro section..if you guys read it and those who haven't,the DBKL apparently wants to clear out all foreign workers in Chinatown..situated near my seems that the only Chinatown that is is MALAYSIA apart from the other chinatown in the world,we are the only country who has the highestnumber of foreign workers..well first of all what i feel is DBKL is taking an overly drastic action here..if any of you ever step into petaling street,you will notice there are like 3foreign workers per the DBKL actions,this would mean higher rate of unemployment of f.workers in malaysia..

did they ever thought of the social consequences of their action?the number of crimes will soar as desperation has been proven to push someone off their limits..who knows that maybe the cases of snatch thieves will be even be more gruesome after this..God,what is MALAYSIA going to become of?

anyhow,i just wanted to pen off my frustration here..i know you are thinking who the hell i am to judge but somehow i don't think this is an appropriate solution for this order to solve this problem is find the root and take one step at a time..rushing into solutions has never done anyone good..

with love,
karlisyle lum

Thursday, May 7, 2009

a dose of this and that

hey people,
God,i just wish that i can continue my streak of positivity on this blog..
welll,i am upset with myself..
yet another unproductive day..
exams in a week time and somehow reality hasn't hit me yet...
i am suppose to be burning the midnight candle instead i am blowing the midnight candle off..

read carol's blog and she said that she feels uncertain about what to do next..
well i can relate to her..i am totally lost once again at deciding the next path of my future
well part of me wants to do accounting but part of me seriously think it's time i do something more relaxing and ME..

i really feel like just not showing up for my alevels exam and start taking up diploma courses..
this is what happens when i overestimate my abilty to study..
i thought i would be smart enough for alevels but i guessed wrong..

anyhow my condolences to miss beth on her GUESS watch..
*don't worry i am sure a new one is on its way!*:p
thursday's usually my favourite day but i guess wrong AGAIN..

i am still staying positive..
i hope that in a year's time,it will all be clear to me..
to all victims of the may/june 09 cambridge alevel exams,break a leg or whatever they say that means all the best!


with love,
karlisyle lum

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the time has come

hey people,

warning:emo post up ahead...don't say i didn't warn you..

well i am pretty F***ed up right now..spent the whole of last week studying LAW LAW and more LAW..didn't even touch the books for econs or ACCOUNTS
the main reason is because law is the 1st paper and i have like a week interval between my econs and accounts..

somehow something inside of me is eating me up today..feel abit down..maybe it's that time of the month but i am not sure..i been reading the law facts but sadly none of it seems to stay inside..i don't know how to answer qustions relating to the topics i have's effing annoying..i wish i could have turn back time and chosen something easier..aaargh..

that's all..
got to get my ass back to work..
karlisyle lum

Monday, May 4, 2009

take a step back

hey people,
been trying to stay positive nowadays and it seems to be working a lil..
well i have all this things in my mind..
just cross pathing with one another..
exams in 2 least half of it..AS level..
well i am pretty darn stressed up about it..
i was asking i studying so hard for my self-satusfaction or is it for the sake of me getting a scohlarship..
i know it's sad but i knew the answer was wasn't for my self-satisfaction..
for me,i always thought as long as i put in all my effort and tried my best,i am satisfied..
for eg,when i got my SPM results,i was satisfy with myself because i knew i did my best and not push myself to an extreme to get those results..
but i was dissapointed when i knew i could not apply for most scolarships due to the fact i was short of an a1..
somehow until today i told myself never to push myself to sleepless nights,migrains or even mental exhaustion just for an A to be printed on the exam results slip..
i rememember someone told me that the A doesn't matter but rather the effort.

i really wish Malaysian parents can see past all this and not pressure their kids for an A..
unless the kids are doing it for self-satisfaction then let em be..

well got nothing much to scribble anymore except for the fact that i am going to try my best and see how it goes..

psst.just can't wait to move on to the next chapter of my life..UNI..

with love,
karlisyle lum!

another pinky baby to my addition!

hey people,
had one hell of a weekend this week...
did not manage to hit the books as i plan but it was all worth it..
spend loads time with the 'rents while they were here..didn't get to spend much with Bb THOUGH cause his parents were also here..

well nothing much in my life has change..except for the newest baby pinky to my pink family!yes..thanks mum for buying it for me 1st..i'll pay u back..
yes,my parents for one are not the type that pampers me terus2 and buy the camera for me..somehow it's better this way..they teach us to earn things we want ourselves..

so i am a lil spoilt but i still know the fine qualities of life..
speaking of that,when is the SABS prom?
and why isn't anyone blogging about it?hello,advertising skills mana?well if any of you need any help,i'll be more that happy to blog about it..*not in any way implying that i have a famoublog that can reach out to many people but atleast it's the thought kan?*

exams in 2 weeks
HIM in 7weeks..:p
birthday in 23 days..yes beffie and Ju vin 27th MAY...u heard me!:p

i miss all of my KUANTAN friends especially those who are abroad..Caroline,le june and...the list will be longer soon..
well ANNABETH LEE,bila nak datang?my hunger for LOP needs to be satisfied and Bb is only willing to drive there when u get ur ass here!:p

baby pinkysony!
psst.pray for my exams!thanks dady for that talk u had with me when u were here last weekend..i'll try my best and see how it goes!

until then,
with love,
karlisyle lum