Tuesday, April 28, 2009

come back to me

hey people,
been really drifted from my goals..
i wanna lose weight but i did not manage..
i wanna study but somehow it feels that the spirit of working hard have left me..
i hate being push to do something i don't want to..

with love,
karlisyle lum

psst.X-men:The Origins is out tomorrow!:p..can't wait ponder upon Wolverine!aargh..Hugh jackman is such a hottie!

yet another 27th baby

250409-the day we went and celebrate her birthday..(2days befor her birthday,270409)
i had been hanging out with them..every week since i came back from Genting with them..somehow i have not much pictures to post up here everytime we are out because they are not that comfortable with the thought of having their pictures up on my blog..

anyhow here goes another picture post:

couples of the night:
Gan and Cindy..seriously the best boyfriend award goes to Gan..:p

me and B..i am looking a lil pale these days everysince i been using Clinique..even B said i definitely have to start using make up..any tips people?it's rather sad that my sifu carol has gone so far:p..anyhow Ju and beth teach me ya?:)

anither QAWAII picture of me..u be the judge me or Hong Lung cuter?:p

let me bite you!aaarh...

peekaboo..stealing the limelight from me..
'Hong Lung' has become the newest addition to my toys family..B won it for me when we were playing some luck games..
psst.don't ask me why his name is like that because it was the sakais that name him..

upclose view of the very pretty cupcakes..
credits to wondermilk..
aren't they pretty?

the whole 36 pieces of cupcakes

Chan up to his tricks again..my thoughts were alil misleaded seeing the design of that cupcake..:p

me and B with the pretty flower cupcake..don't ask me why our eyes are swollen..:x..

cindy the bday girl with her 'birthday cake'

her exhausted face trying to blow out the last candle..
psst2.we actually played a trick on her..we bought the type of candles that rekindles once u blow it out..she spent almost 10mins trying to blow out the candles..God you don't even have to imagine how wet the cupcakes were..:p
psst3.i have the video of her trying to blow it out as proof!

the two sick people having their pleasures met seeing poor cindy trying so hard blowing out the candles...

the other photographer..Kuantan boy too..his phone has plenty of stupid videos..
he claims that the birthday girl needs to get smudge by the cream..
his poor attempt on doing it..
psst3.he manage to smudge but just a small part..guess he was worried of making her piss..she wipe it off to quickly i couldn't steal a pic..
her sucessful attempt of revenge!

the lady of the night with her Man BY her side!
happy 19th belated birthday,Cindy!

with love,
karlisyle lum

Friday, April 24, 2009

hey people,
finally it's the weekend
lots of things were told to me and some really shocked me but this how the diversity of life is..
we all play a diffrent part in life and that's what makes life so special..
well got not much to say..
gtg do my bail and sentencing notes before going for accounts..
this pretty sums up my mood..

Do You Remember-Aaron Carter
You ask me do I love you
butDo you remember
Why I walked on water for you
Do you remember
My first steps on the moon
Have you ever wondered whyI gave three wishes to you
You asked a question
But the answer liesIn you,
Remember we used to laugh and
sayNo one understood our way
And there were times
When you would cryand come knockingOn my door ,
I was thereTo shelter your pain..

with love,
karlisyle lum

Thursday, April 23, 2009

the truth

things will never remain the same forever
the feelings we share will not last
the life we build together will change
the memories will fade
the good times will vanish
the bad times will kick in every now and then

life's good now
i have been told love is not forever
after a certain stage everything will just turn into responsiblity

despite being told or warned
heck life's more than that so i will just kindly learn it my way..
no matter what even if the flame of our love fades
i know one thing is for sure,i am gonna be my ur side until the end of time:p

with love,
karlisyle lum

time will tell

hey people,
another unproductive day..
i am just lazing my ass moping around the house
somehow everytime the exam stress gets to me,i'll end up becomind lazier than usual..

enough of that..
i am somehow glad that i am starting to be my oldself again..
the happy talkative me..
i just realise life is too short for me to mop around
i'll open my eyes and see the beauty of life..

to my parents:
i really am trying my best for this war..
even ker says i study very hard at home..
so whatever results shall be showered upon me please accept!
i'll do my best and leave the rest to God!:p

psst:only time will tell when we can be finally be together again...8weeks..i'll wait :p
psst2:somebody with the name Kar is having her birthday up pretty soon!save up people!:p
psst3:miss ANNABETH ,can't wait till u get that ass of urs to KL!

with love,
karlisyle lum

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

take my breath away

hey people,
been out the wholeof last week..
didn't manage to study much but i had loads of FUN..
i am seriously missing the good times and also bad akward times..
but i really miss my B..
8weeks till we will be together again..
2weeks++ till my AS Level exam!

went to look out point..one of the many good points of having young adventorous friends..they will take me anywhere as long as i just name it..

next stop:SUNWAY lagoon and paintball!

p.s:can't wait till June 20th is over..then finally KUANTAN here i come!

with love,

will be MIA too!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

i wish time would stop

hey people,
as you can see i am taking full advantage on the rm4 minxx is about to pay the CC fella..
Mom,i know u are reading this don't worry i studied alot this morning..for 4 hours!i promise..
psst:i am actually feeling a lil guilty hanging out too often with these sakais :p but what to do they make me happy..so i decided i must learn how to balance my time..as i staed in FB i wanna enjoy every minute of the day and not only study
heck speaking of study i just checked i am suppose to get like 25/30 at least for paper 1 econs to get an A!wTf?!seriously i think i done 4 to 5 past year questions and most of the time i only manage to get 23 or 24 /30..wth kan?guess the CAMBRIDGE styles just damn diff..last time u get paper1 20 or 18 but paper 2 get damn high sure A but not according to Cambridge..*it's times like this i really ask myself what did i got myself into!*

anyhow i was super excited to blog about my genting trip last 2weeks but somehow the internet connection got to me first and pissed the hell out of me so i have not much to narrate except that i had the best 3 days for this past year..2008 hasn't exactly been much of a favourite year..u notice?

the main thing i learn this time..is too never judge anyone too early..somehow i hurt minxx a lil in the beginning giving all sorts of hurtful reasons to excuse myself..in the beginning i made myself believe that we are of different level of maturity..cause truthfully normally they are not the type of people i'll hang out with..they talk loud and rudely not caring about what others think of them..so hell yeah i was wrong to judge the book by its cover..i apologise sincerely..they might turn up to be abit rough and the bad words they taught me*u don't even wanna go there* but at the end they are still nice people and super care-free!

psst2: sometimes i am glad i am not the master of all trades but merely the jack of all trades so that i'll always room for improvement..life's is all about learning new things so i guess when you are a Noob like me,u actually enjoy life more..jeles not?;p

up next are the piCCAS:

1.me and my B!
2.THE COUPLES(ME AND b,GAN and Cindy) for the antique car ride
3.effects of swinger on me and jOhn and go kart
4.group pics
the people in the pic:jia he,Ah chan,me,B
back row:John,ah kit,gan and cindy

energizer battery wannabes

with love,
karlisyle lum

Monday, April 13, 2009

sweet memories

hey people or should i say WOIT!
yup that's my newest way to greet people that i am close too..
well you can see through my desperation of just getting this effing pictures up my blog till i have lost all my mood to actly narrate it...
yes i follow B,AH chan,Gan,John and ah Kit to the CC..they are practically high on the game "Left4Dead"..what can i say..cheap ectasy...
well it's times like this i really wish i was back home where everthing is quiet...but i guess i just have to bare with it because next week i'll be alone..no more B..
SOMETIMES i still secretly wish that he doesn't have to go...

well i'll leave you hungry picture people for now..talk to it eh?

1.group picture
from left to right:Money,kimberly,jane,terence,genise,ash,siew fan
the sitting ass-es:yin thong,and KARLISYLE:p
2.the romeos for that day..apparently one of them went out for a while to have a puff but instead he gotmore than he wanted..effing lucky guy!:p
3.yin thong,kimberly and money and I
4.Poyo poser!:pmiss u la ngok!
5.taikar jie jane and I...
6.two hotties:p

7.another pair of hotties:p

8.stupid drink made my tongue effin blue!retarded looking karlisyle
9.Genise and me~
10.me and FAN..siew fan..one of my closest friend  in college..shopping no1 like me!:p

finnally it's here..
enjoy it,
with love,
karlisyle lum


i left my laptop at min's so i guess there still won't be any updates soon..
internet connection at his place is terrible..
now i am using one of the sis's lappy..

anyhow so sorry but i'll upload loads pics soon!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

APRIL the second

God isit just me or isit the same for everyone else?
i feel like there's isn't enough hours of the day..
time's really flying high and leaving me behind..
it's like a speed marathon which obviously my short legs can't catch up..

i just finish packing my stuff for Genting trip..
Hopefully i can find a bunch of camwhorers to camwhore with..

aargh speaking of camwhoring,i am super sorry terence..
i am pretty sure plans this weekend won't jadi..*somehow i have a hunch*
i forgot to mention in the last post..
i went ICE skating for the first time*if you call hooking on the wall allthe time skating* with the brood..
ya the brood now has expanded..adding a new member that is Voon hui sen..
unfortunately Kor and Jie couldn't be there..
anyhow my B hated it after going into the rink one time
so i played with KAT..not really also cause i keep pushing her*damn mean la me but i kiasu!*;p
so i had fun..seriously i am up for it again..anyone who knows how to ice skate ask me out k?
wanna learn somemore instead of just depending on the wall..

didn't camwhore in the ice rink cause my hands were pretty occupied on the ice rink ends..hehe
anyhow i am so determine to study today before going the management to settle bills
so i better leave here now!

p.s:i pranked kerryn and min yesterday!haha..they really bought the lie..
i almost got prank by a friend who told me she was pregnant!thanks God i remember it's april fool!:p
with love,
karlisyle lum

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

APRIL the first

hey peeps,
again i am not suppose to be here
but after studying a chapter of accounting
i was bored to hell..

just a short post
i have not been in touch with many of my freinds after i left SABS..
i was never one of those that is good in expressing my care towards others

i just found out lots my peeps keep in touch with me through this blog
some of you guys reading this never let it known to me that you guys actually read..
please do tell me
so that i can link you guys and blog hop..

let me make a change and be a better freind before it's too late aite?

with love,
karlisyle lum