Tuesday, March 31, 2009

NEW york Deli with a guy name terence!!

i used to love pic post..those caption blogs but now i hate doing it..
anyhow i am going to jump to the point..

to be truthful,i have stop studying this 2weeks..
i keep questioning myself..do i really want to be one of those that end up doing nothing i like in my life?
mum didn't choose to be a teacher..she had no choice because she was poor..but she ended up loving her job..
dad didn't had a chance to further his education as yeh yeh passed away too soon and he had to take our the responsiblity and work for the family..

will i want to end up being stuck doing something i don't like?or should i take the risk and chance like daddy and mum and just wait till i start enjoying the job?
or a job is just a job?
i have to admit that just telling people that your plans are accountancy,people are immediately impressed by you..

i read blogs by blogs..i see people fail and struggle just to study something that can bring pride and a big fat cheque home..

what's the point really?shouldn't we be given a decision to do what we want to?
my parents are one of those parents where we are allowed to choose our own career path as oppossed to some parents that force their kids to study something they can't even manage to pass..

jie chose fashion marketing..ker chose early childhood...

what do i really want?i can't decide but what i want is something fresh and exiciting..i don't want to be stuck in a dead end job with no leeways..
i guess i still have months to think..i shall just make the best out of my alevels..*positive*

pictures at new york deli with him name terence..i am gonna miss you so much..remember never forget me!:p

both of us ordered the same dish.

me waiting for him at zero hour..he was trying on a top..

his shaolin head!:p..gonna miss those lame times we have and of course our heart to heart conversations..;p
take care ya!enjoy that GG life while you can!always stay positive and i want free flights!hehe

terence:super yummy..haha;p
Food:better than the gardens..
deco:gives you the laidback kind of environment..good for old pals to sit and catch up!

with love,
karlisyle lum

life goes on...

Life moves on..be it a death of someone close,the departure of your loved ones,the final

point of one's life as a student..

life has to move on whether we like it or not.it leaves us no choice but to be strong.Even how hard we pray that for one second,the clock will stop it never will.Life pushes us to be strong as quoted"what doesn't kill you only make you stronger."

i was contemplating with myself whether i should post this because the timing doesn't seem right but i don't have any other time to do it and i know from where he is watching,he would understand.

as promised by me,i shall begin the post of Kirst's graduation..Congratulations again.now i shall leave the rest to the pictures doing the talking as pictures potrays thousand or even millions of words.

1.me and the main person of the night..LOVE how the colours of our dresses contrast..the dark angel and the devil...

2.me and the pretty princess..she was as usual texting her 'baobei'.

3.princess waiting in her carriage..(look how plain i look w/o makeup compared to the both hotties)

4.please just tell a white lie and say my dress looks GG inspired..:p

5.the stage..all the graduates had to walk down the runway to receive their graduation cert.damn chun ler!compared to the normal square stage!life in the fab lane..

6.still don't think it's pretty on me and GG inspired?then just telll a big fat lie for once in your life k?hehe:P

7.my most favourite design..there was a competition for best design and this is my favourite..very modern..

the pumpkin one won under the architatural design*spelling mistake*
the other two pics were up against each other for the fashion marketing prize.the yellow banana 1 won..group of hotties..the pink pretty one unfortunately only had one hottie:p slap me i am a bitch..sue me..

some more pics..

p.s i didn't take much pictures..you can keep an eye on ker's blog..she might have more than me..i was too busy eating the food*the very delicious pastries!*
p.s2the fashion show rocks..super love it..might try to go again for the fashion show next year for exposure..
with love,
take this and enjoy.
until then,
i shall try to enjoy myself in genting with a group of hunks
karlisyle lum

Monday, March 30, 2009

Rest in Peace,rashid hidayat!

death's overrated i believe..
or isit not?
isit just something i want myself to believe?

28th march..a day where so many things were happening all over the world..
60 hour earth day..
people celebrating their love
new life coming to earth..

the death of a guy i once knew
though we weren't that close
but somehow i knew him
i keep trying to remember the times i used to have with him
there are a bit of a blur because it's been a long time since i spent any time with him..

though our time was short,i'll always remember being the person you were to me
the cheeky,funny,lame and clown of the class
i still remember that face of yours..
behind those cheeky smiles of yours there was mystery in u..
u never let anyone dig that deep into your life..

eventhough God has decided to take you away from us
i know that he has a plan..

inilah suratan takdir Tuhan
kita sebagai hamba Nya hanya mampu menuruti

with love,
karlisyle lum

p.s Rest in peace,mohd rashid..

p.s2:it's not fair but there's nothing that can be done..
may God bless your soul..
you are dearly missed and love!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

another pic-post

hey people,
have a happy aftternoon!yesterday i was bit moody..the reason was because i was possessed by an angry ghost..i know crappy reason..i can't help but give you crappy answers if you ask me crappy questions..i didn't choose to be this moody..it just so happens that i have more hormones that makes me pissed all the time..don't ask me..for one i am not the one with the science brains..

been busy the past couple of days..been going out with jie,kirst..rather shocking for some people..but yes we went out..credits to her for taking me to bangsar to shop..i heartxx theclothes there..i got me a GG inspired dress there which i'll be wearing tomorrow for her graduation..

makes me think time really flies..first is her to graduate then ker,then kong..wow..we are all growing up so fast but like beth said this are supposed to be the best age of our life..

well i am going to move on with the pictures now as words are restricted to my lips at this very moment..

p.s:i miss him..

the shopping stuff i got..spent rm400 worth of stuff for two days..

these is a fast food joint which apparently is quite well known in the us but not here..there is only 1 franchise in malaysia if i am not mistaken..in taman tun area..snopp dogg mention about this fast food place in his reality series before..it's good..i mean it is as good as KFC for me..i heartss the salty biscuit they serve..

two below:our main dishes(fish and chips&chicken frittles)
two above:drinks(soda green apple and passion fruit& our appetizer..mango chic salad)

the deco of the place is so pretty..anyone who is rich..book these whole place to celebrate any occassion with your loved ones..it is worth it.the deco is very very pretty and not forgetting the smooth chilling songs played by the piaonist there..
the only thing they need to change is the location but since there are already there then just beat it..it's near an escalator thus less privacy..the food is mild tasting thus not everyone will particularly like it..
p.s:will update soon with graduation pics!
p.s2:need to start hitting the books again!
with love,
karlisyle lum

Saturday, March 21, 2009


hey people,
am suppose to be going for the econs exam but i decided not to..
yesterday paper 2 accounts was rather okay because i did the whole past year questions and apparently my dear teacher took the whole may june paper so when i was doing it,i felt like a cheater..so what is the whole point of going anyway...

that is why i didn't go for economics..apparently many people did not go for mocks either..the parents think i am screwing up my future but i'll shoe em when i flaunt my real results that time..muahahaha..being lame..anyhow it is so not me for skipping exams but i so do not want to go through the guilt i went through yesterday..i'll study myself..don't worry too much..

been down with the viral flu for almost 4 weeks now..i really need an expert to check me..went to the doc twice and the nose is still running..the parents will be coming this wednesday midnight and i can definitely count on the antipication of getting screwed by em for skipping the exam..but i know what i am doing and believe me i will not screw up my future..i have envisions big plans in my life aite...

with love,
gtg now as i am having the migrain again..
karlisyle lum

Thursday, March 19, 2009

you're still you

hey morning people,
i am up so early to get my ass to work on accounts and economics but sad for me again i don't feel like studying.,it feels like i already screwed up paper1 so what's the point..

anyhow this is going to be a short post cause i want to play the yahoo game..sally's spa..
girls should try it..i'm so gonna aski minx to download the DOTA in my laptop for me..i know lapuk!

yesterday jie met with an accident..seriously i was shock at first but after that when all feelings are settled.i realise i'm worried for her so i text her(since she was in the police station lodging a report),whether eveything's fine and whether she need to go for a check up..sadly no repplies..

anyhow it was yesterday i knew despite all the grudges and jealousy i have in her,i still sayand her as my eldest sis..
p.s:i know u are reading this,pease drive carefully and try to hiit a non ah beng car..hehe joking..have fun in aussie for weeks..

p.s2:jie's graduation next thursday..what to wear?aargh..

with love,
karlisyle lum

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

God,help me

can you tell me a secret place where there will only be me and only me?
can you give me a place where i can be more ignorant?
can you show me who truly loves me?
can you show me the plan of my life?
can you please please just tell me what is my purpose in this life..

i admit i am out of ways in searching the answers above..


hey people

got back home just now from ikano and tesco with my twin sis..i love spending bonding time with her though at times i feel like i am the bis sis babysitting her..

but when it comes to me driving,u should see the look on her face..when she is driving,me pulak willl have on the stupid face..

i don't know why when everytime she tells me she has a bf,i'll get pretty upset..sometimes i feel so selfish that i just want her for myself..despite all the disagreements we constantly have or in fact how college have drifted us,i still have this twin bond that i share with her..

let's skip to the main topic..somehow i hope you are reading this..i am so tired of being misunderstood..i always overhear the hurtful things they say..doesn't mean they don't see doesn't mean i didn't do..i am always trying my best to keep the place clean..the main reason my synus got worse in KL is because i am constantly around dust..in college,in lrt,in the bus and the worse is at home..

i am not in any way insulting or trying to bring down any reputation but enough is enough..i had enough of this shit..i tried being patient and be the only sakai doing the cleaning but if they don't maintain it,the place will eventually be fucking dirty again..then what is the whole fucking point of me cleaning it every week..

nowadays i find myself praying that i will get to Nottingham next year so that i don't have to face with this shit anymore..

i know i am not perfect also...myplace is messed up with books but try looking at the clearer view..i try my best..that is just what i want..even if you guys don't want to clean,i'll do it..just maintain it..

biggest lesson learnt here in my life is to never never effing pamper your kids..we are so blessed to be bless with a maid since infancy till adoloscence...

i feel so stupid crying in front the laptop just cause the place can never be clean...so fucking dumb of me..i wanna be strong but sometimes enough is enough..i try my best keeping the place all u guys need is just maintain it..please..i beg you on my knees..

it's funny how people who are rather closely knitted to you end up not understanding your needs the most..i freaking live on hand sanitizers so you can imagine how hygienic freak i am..i just want a cleaner environment..go ahead and be messy all you want..just don't be dirty..

God,sorry for the cursings..thanks for cherishing me with all the patience i more than i ever could have for this past year..i am already misunderstood so heck it,let it be clear how i feel...thanks for being the only one who truly understands and never judging me..

p.sthis time it is not exam stresses..if anyone gets offended this time,i don't care..if i am the problem,i'll leave..but clearly all i want and am asking for is not something impossible..

i know how much she will defend her but this time,it's enough..i am not taking any more of this...laugh all you want at this dumb girl weeping in front of her laptop wanting a better environment..

p.s2 i still love you guys and my intentions are sincerely good..talk bad how much you want about how messy and dirty i am but at least i try my best..if it's not enough,it's Not up to us anymore..i am not in anyway implying any of you having bad characteristics as i know you guys have more work than me but at least work with me and maintain it...

with love,
only God can understand the sadness and disapointment in me,
karlisyle lum

p.s3..it doesn't help as the same spot where i previously performed the corn operation starting to have side effects and it is hurting me..-


hey there people,
in the mood to sleep but since my dear sis said i like to FFK i have to prove her wrong..i'll go to tesco Mutiara damansara and ikano with her..sambil itu i can go vincci..yey!

well don't have exams tomorrow and thursday..i screwed up my paper 1 accounts..beats to be overconfident..haish..i thought i could score at least 24/30..

anyhow the past is the past,i'll do better..i'll stop complaining..

carol,i am going to miss u..time really flies..
one by one they are leaving my life..
i can only count till they are all gone..

p.s can't wait for exams to be over..

the confession of a shopaholic anyone?i read the novel ard and it's effing good...let's not hope that the movie sucks..credits to kirst for introducing the book to me when i was 15?

with love,
karlisyle lum

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

why am i here

don't mind the crappy editing..but i am kinda in a hurry..need to satrt getting my ass to studying..realise my pictures look the same and are taken from the same angle only..another thing i need to work on..the pictures are in the events of my beloved daddy 54th bday..

this picture was taken when i went to be a lamp post in sungai wang with my sis and hui sen..ate at sushi station..food sucks and the place has cockroach running around..aargh..yuck...but see how cute the sushi's go around the tables..with trains..inspired by our very own KTM..

i should be off studying my ass off but i am here instead.i really don't feel like studying..although mock is just 4days away?anyhow i don't even wanna go there..felt piss this morning cause i have to clean the condo..haish..

anyhow i'll just let u enjoy the pics above there...toodles..
with love,
karlisyle lum

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


i am suppose to be studying but i just can't focus..just got back from the doc an hour ago.the stupid medicine's making me drozy but i don't wanna sleep cause tonight i'll not be able to sleep and i have to wake up early for class tomorrow.aargh..i wish somehow i can be ignorant about my studies.i keep thinking about finishing my God damn AS syllabus.Sorry for using your name again in vain.

i miss him..really alot..yesterday he told me a friend of his girlfriend can communicate very well with their group of friends and she hangs out alot with them too.okay b listen here,it's not that i am anti social or choosy with friends but how the hell am i to communicate with them?they prefer speaking chinese which is not my fault.i want to be able to be as sociable as her with your friends but then see again the circumstances.i still Love you and wish you don't put pressure on me..i am really doing my best.your friends are nice lads and i really don't mind hanging out with their lameness.

i feel really sick..in my head..i feel like crying which is so stupid cause i am not angry..i wanna be more ignorant about what others say..it's the only way to live life happily..i wanna be my old self..the loud me..the one that is not afraid to express herself..people esp in my college sees me as the uptight person..sort of a perfectionist but in reality i am just waiting to be unleash..like beth said..when will i be able to unleash?

when is he going to unleash me?i know he loves me and all..i had having this conversation with him cause we always end up fighting.he's what some say over protective which i think is quite a turn on but somehow now i wonder is he the one supressing me too much and changing me into this petite timid Karlisyle?

with love,
karlisyle lum

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


i wish life's more simple...
now only it has occur to me that finally everyone will be finishing their a-level while only me,kavi and mona will be left..
but i am not sad that i have to do extra time for my alevels cause it was my decision..it's just that now i realise it's all coming to an end..
people gonna leave my life again but hopefully new ones will come pouring in too..
though i don;t have much memories frozen into pictures but it's in my head
the hardships and good times we share at our Advance Tuition Centre.
i am gonna miss you guys in ATC..
especially you people:
siu fan
sing hang

and more..(sorry if i lupa your name)

and of course the first one to left us:Terence..i miss you too.when u coming again?

with love,
karlisyle lum


the title was due to this conversation i had with a friend from college:

eh,Did u see his Gf anot?she's from Taylors.
ya,Not bad looking.the guy's kinda cute that's why he got gf from taylors.
huh are you sure anot?she's so ugly la.no taylor Girl standard also.
what?what Taylor Girl standard?
erm..well the minimum taylor girl standard is like ying tong.
Minimum?oh means you like ying tong looks la?
no ler..all the guys in college also feel she is the prettiest but only thing is she don't know how to be popular.
ok(still a lil shock about the standard)
(thought i was offended)but we don't mean that you all not pretty la but at least you all still can look at.
(inside myself:rather not have jerks like u look at me)

first off i gotta admit that my self confidence have not been radiating much for the past few months.have been really conscious about my stupid hair,face and of course weight,though i manage to shed 2 kgs last year,i am still in denial that i look good.i feel fat.

2ndly,every girl would love to think that they are pretty at least secretly and all girls even those that deny of caring what others think about them are very consious about their looks.

so from that conversation i had,yes you can pretty much say that my self esteem is F***ED up.i never felt worse in my life.i know i am not that extremely pr extraordinarily pretty but GOD,do they have to kutuk the rest of us like that during their guy tea hours?

who the F*** invented this taylor's standard?what if there are pretty girls out there who simply can't afford to go to taylors?and just because they have richer parents who are they to say that they deserve to overshadow girls with normal income parents?

i am angry.yes because everytime when i am about to get a lil self esteem again,someone has to come and f*** around with my mind and make me feel so low about myself.i can't help but feel so helpless.God,i rather not know if he thinks i am the ugliset.sue me but i rather live in denial thatn the truth.sometimes some things are not meant to be find out.i guess this is just one of that occassions.

so enough with the cursings..sorry Lord but i just feel so fed up..i wanna be able to feel good about the way i look..aargh..

i am not gonna let it get to me..i am happy..don;t worry..had a great time v b this few days..thanks for always making me feel like i am the best,b!there at least i have someone who can appreciate me.

the tag by genise is up next:
The rules are simple..
- do not copy the answers
- the tag questions must be 100% same
- tag ppl after doing the tag
- no tagging the same ppl back

People I tag:
1.Kerryn Lum
2.Kong sze min
3.see ju vin
5.annabeth lee
6.roy hee
7.hui fern
8.hui sen
10.le june

now the questions are:

how do u noe number 1?
erm in my num's womb..she's my twin jie.

what'll u do if u never met number 2?
i'll have no life cause he's the one that brings meaning to mine.

what would u do if 3 & 4 dated u?
we'll have one hell of a date.

would 5 & 6 make a good couple?
for me ya but for them i don't think so.never try never know!:P

do u think number 10 is attractive?
what do u think?small and petite sure la attractive.

do you noe anything bout number 8 family?
yup.erm he's mum is super cool.and he'll be family someday to me.bro in law

tell me something about number 9?
last time i check..i think she bites.:)

what language does number 2 speaks?
mostly body language with me.haha

who is number 3 going out with?
Poh Elton.

how old is number 4?
just turn 18 3 months ago..19 in 9 months!

when was the last time u talked to number 5?
texting counts as talking?last saturday.

who is number 6 favourite singer?
i really don't know but laid back songs i think!

would u date number 7?
sure why not.date as friends.

is number 8 single?
nope.twin sis's one.

what do u think about number 3?
my Good friend that will soon give a me a cute souvenir!haha

with love,
karlisyle lum.

p.s:don't have to reply the tag guys..i think we did it before!