Sunday, November 30, 2008

she says i need anger management and i agree so

well i guess the last post create a havoc but i akkready settke it with her and things are fine..
well i am at a point at my life where i feel like no one is really true to me..
i often wonder whether minxx will leave..

it feels like it s just a matter of time when everyone will leave me...
yes i am emo and insecure...
i admit it...
i never try to be positive in a negative situation..

i wish sometimes i can just read people's minds and know how they really feel..

i wish life could be so much simpler..

with love,

p.s apology again for that unwantd post was written out of anger..

anger managemt anyone?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

BEFFIE dear,u know what i mean!

damn benggang!really really really supre duper benggang!
why does she always have to do it to him?
she repeatedly does it and not have a single feeling of guilt?
treating him like a spare tyre...
i mean u think love is a game where u can off and on?
doesn't mean every guy that try to get you though you have a boyfriend is so brave and worthy of a chance to be with you..
if like that then what the F*** you want a steady realationship?
the worst thing is the other half does nothing but wait!aaargh.

i mean who am i to sibuk right?it's their life..
i know i'll be hated but the thing is something is wrong and i have to say it out..

what is the purpose if doing so?
love?if u tell me this is Love then i got nothing to say cause love is not an on and off game for you to play with..

love needs nurturing..
not when u feel like off-ing it u off it and the on it back once you are done playing with games..

if i were to take love the way you do..i would have dump my B a million times but why i didn't?
cause you have to make a stand in life and know aht you wnat and what is good for you...
doesn't mean if he make your heart flutters and he tells you he love you behind your bf back,he deserves a chance to be with you..
it is not even a fair fight for your bf...
he loved you and stayed by yourside all this while and you just dump him for a guy that showed up and he said a few sweet words..
maybe you are bored and need to spice up your life..
but repeatedly breaking up with him and going back to his arms at the end of the day is just plain unfair..
just because you know that he'll be there no matter what at the end waiting for you doesn't mean you should take him for granted like that..

that's all i can say..don't be such an arse..make up your mind..okay put it this way..imagine and put yourself in your other half will it make you feel if he constantly leave you for another girl and gets back to you once he's done with the girl and misses you over and over tell me...think again..what you are doing will eventually make him leave so make up your mind before he really LEAVES...

p.s-i am not responsible if anyone that reads this gets insulted or feels like i am directing this to them..i am just telling out how i feel about a live sitution i am seeing happening in life..

until then,
love thy neighbour and appreciate the ones you love,
with love,
karlisyle lum

it's funny how my life is..

a bunch of irony..
that's how i would love to describe my's funny how every single one of us looks at how life is...
someone told me life is about waiting so why bother being impatient when u are made to wait..
someone told me life doesn't know why it treats u the way it is treating so it's best to look at the positive side..
someone told me is a piece of white cloth that you need to scribble on..
someone told me life is about falling and picking up the pieces all over again until you succeed..
someone told me life sucks and then you die..

i admit that if you don't fit's your fault for not trying harder..i think life has its plans who u meet and keep as friends for the rest of your is fate that brought friendships you believe in this too?

i think life is always fluctuating with its ups and downs like a boat in the middle of thesea..
when the boat is hit by the waves,it is going through a phase of danger and obstacles..
whe theboat is trailing along a peaceful stream of water of the sea,it is working together with the flow of the sea water..

life is weird in its way but yet cool..
life comes in a package..happiness and sadness..
life has its yin and yang..

i am really sad that i have to be separated from my good friend that i made in's funny howfate brought us together to be started with feelings that were impossible to be united and it ended with a beautiful friendship..

i am so gonna miss you,mr Terence Spencer Tan...

a heart that wasn't for me,
a life that wasn't for us,
love that wasn't meant to be
friendship is the only thing that will keep us together..

karlisyle lum

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

read between the lines

hey people,i'm back..not sure if this will last anymore..i mean with me being strong..i act like i don't hear them saying those things..i act like they are not evil glaring me..i'm gloing through so much right now..i am feeling so guilty for indulging into my mates blogs today instead of studying..but hey i really feel so tired..i sometimes wish that life would be simplier..i don't have to always work so hard to move to the next stage of my life..i am not blaming anyone..believe me..i understand the financial pressure my parents are in..i accept my fate..i don't blame them..they are already working their asses off to put food into our mouth..i swear in anywhere i am not complaining that my parents are not doing the fact they are the best..although we are just middle class and i don't really have the luxury of choosing the college i wanna be in,yet you parents still give us a reasonable sum of allowance and a additional debit and credit card...thank you...

but it's just that sometimes i wonder if this burden i am carrying on my shoulders to succeed and to get a scholarship for my degree can be lifted upon..just wish life could be simpler..someone might come and offer to pay for my education..tha't's the best gift i can ever have..i mean for anyone kan?but anyway enough of this ranting..

and oh Ya BETH,i am so sorry for making you worried dear but i am trying to stay positive...the grass is always greener on the other side right?at least that is what i heard..

sometimes i wish that i could just reach into my heart and show him how much i love him...

first tag's up by caroline tsau again..this girl must really love me..:p

1. What’s your ambition?real ambition? well ain't gonna lie about it..i wanna be a fashion designer and own my own line of clothes but too bad i can't draw..

2. Who is more important to you? Friends or boy/girlfriend?both also play an equally major part of my life.

3. How often do you think of committing suicide?i no longer think about this..cause death won't solve anything..

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?well i used to have i have insufficient..

5. How many babies you want?2

6. Favorite perfume/fragrance?the DKNY apple one.

7. What do you think will be your greatest downfall?giving up without trying.

8. Do you believe in eternal love?yup..that's what love is all is forever.

9. What's a perfect girlfriend/boyfriend like to u? (List 10)
1. loves me more that he loves himself.

2. honest about everything to me.

3. mekes me his priority in life.

4. street smart and wise in making decisions.

5. accept my flaws.

6. respects me

7. knows how to handle my tamper

8.knows me inside out.

9.a family type of guy.

10.cares for me

11what are your bad habits?nibbling my nails and shopping.

12 anything you wanna tell the people who hate you?sorry if u think that i get into your face all the time but if you can't accept me for who i am then beat it..i got a life to go on with.

13. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?well said by caroline..onlycherishthose who cherish our friendship in return. there's a price for everything. which includes friendship.

14. What do you hate most in others?backstabbers and two face people..not being able to be true even to their ownself..

15. What do you crave for the most currently?chocolates

16. What features/quirks do you find totally sexy on a guy/girl?well his smile and his eyes.and a mole on the lips.

17. Describe the person who tagged you in 7 words.she is one good friend that i cherish.

18.What have you done to yourself to make yourself happy?bought two tube from forever 21!:)

19. What will you become in another 10 years to come?hot sexy 28 wife and mama with loads of happiness and hopefully $ also!

20. Whats your guilty pleasure? (something you usually wouldn't admit out loud)staring at my B when he is fast asleep next to me in his arms.

i tag:



-my b,kong sze min!

-hui fern

-shwu teng


The rules are:
1. You own a blog where you are going to post this to
2. You currently feel bored
3. You won't skip any question
4. You're Alive
5. You are going to send this to 5 friends to fill these up

Firstly describe the current you in 5 words: life to the fullest.being loved.SCREWED up!

Five things you love about life:
being loved by minx.being accepted.having good dramas.

5 Famous people you'd love to meet:
not to sure yet..will let u know if i have any in the future..

5 Movies you love:

5 professions you'd love to have:

5 Best Authors:
YUP i too read randomly.

5 Inspirations:
life parents.sucessful

5 Favourite stuff:
my baby future pink cybershot money in the bank..muahaha..

5 things you hate:1.People misunderstanding and misjudging.2.Being left out.Being rejected.Being dissapointed.3.To be lectured.4.Crowded places.5.Being push to do someting i don't want!

5 favourite places:
anywhere there is minxx.home where ker sleeps with me and wang and one utama!

5 girls/guys you are currently liking:
meor.terence(gonna miss ya so more heart to heart talks!.ash emmanuel.selvan(miss him.david.
note:my b minxx not in the list cause i LOVVVVEEE him..not like!:p

caroline.Kerryn.ju vin.siu fan and annabeth(i merajuk so i put u last too!)

.5 Favourite people to chat with:
my b.ker.beth(although she didn't put my name:(].terence.siu fan.

5 things you wana improve more about yourself:1.have more confidence. Stop having stage frights! AH.2.being less with problems and not run away.4.Not to be selfish and bad tempered.5.try to be more understanding.

5 Things you would take to a desserted Island: family.beth(then at least i'll die with the people i love)lots of good food and my hand sanitizer!

5 places you wana visit:New York,Hong Kong,london,home(kuantan)paris.

5 Things you really want:
a new handbag!the one beffie got from roxy!do u mind dear?haha.a new handphone.desperately want the new pink skinny T brains and will power!

.5 Songs that make you cry the most:1.Avril's.

5 Most fashionable friends according to you: sisters.caroline.beffie.

5 people you love the most:B.Family.God.friends.people creating clothes.

5 impossible dreams:work hard and nothing will be impossible.

5 Dreams in the future:
rich and sucessful.married happily.a more relaxed life.provide good life to the ones i love.have my own puppy.

now send this to 5 people:
Gary.genise.aimi.ju vin.anyone.

with love,
karlisyle lum.

will be signing off again for this week..having moral exams next wednesday!

Monday, November 17, 2008

sometimes i see past through all the good things and complain so much..i should be so blessed that i even receive blessings from mum and daddy for dating minxx..

thank you dad and mum!never realise how open you guys guys even treated him to our family trip and considered him family!thank you parents!

with love,
miss you b!
karlisyle lum

time flies

sometimes when i wake up i find it so hard to belive that another day gone and it's the start of a brand new day..we went for langkawi already..nothing to look forward anymore this fast it is going to be the end of 2008..i don't know whether i should be glad or feels like there are still so many things left to do..first of all definitely study more 2nd lose/shed these extra 5kg i gained in KL..haha..yes i know it's funny but i put on 5kg since i was in KL..chinese new year's round the corner so i have to speed up my diet!3rdly change to be a better many things left for 2008..on the other hand i am super looking forward to 2009 cause 2008 sucked so bad!i only had 20% of good times this year including the happy times in LAngkawi..nothing went well in 2008..

Daddy:"even if your AIRASIA college offers you a scholarship,you won't stay and do your degree?"
ME:"but i'll only have 3 people as my uni mates cause no one does accounting degree in ATC.."
Mommy:"It's enough for her d one year there..give her experience real college/uni life!"
ME(talking inside myself):"Thank God she understands!what my mum meant is time for me to get a chance to experience campus life!"yey!

i am not true to friends in college cause i feel like i have no one to trust there...i am always lying to them when i don't want to join them for activities..i open up to them already..believe me i have but maybe like what my Friend,Genise said:we just don't have the 'jodoh' TO BE FRIENDS..
-i am giving up my once in a lifetime opportunity to be the helper in DIC(DISTRICT INTERACT CONFERENCE) cause i really feel like i need to just lay low for the rest of the year and make less people annoyed or jealous..

[01] Real name: KARLISYLE LUM ERN AI...=)...

[02] Nickname:Sayang,Baby sayang,dear, kar,kari ayam,pink princess,ern ai,karlai,belinda,shorty,si kecil

[03] Married: soon 5 years time?

[04] Zodiac Sign: the twin sign:GEMINI.

[05] Gender: Totallly effin loving to be a girl.

[06] Age: 18 plus.

[07] High school: Sekolah Anda Belajar Sendiri(see the bold alphabet!)

[08]college:Advance Tertiary College(atc or better known as airaisa college!)

09] Height: 150cm..ain't embarassed to be short..

[10] Weight: soon to be 45kg again!

[11] Do you like yourself:i have a love-hate relationship with myself.

.[12] Piercings: a on each side..all things in life come in pairs!

.[13] Right or left: total righty!.

[14] Are you a freak: depends.

[15] Hair: long!and hoping for it to only get llonger!

[16] Skin:fair skin with potholes face.

[17] Allergic: steam prawns.

[18] What are you doing now: doing this tag and planning to watch the sisterhood of traveeling pants next!

[19] What will you do 1 hour later: slacking..hate studying..

[20] What will you do 10 years later: i'll be one smoking hot mama with two kids happily with ny B!


[21] Live with : weekdays:Jie and Kerryn
weekend:min and his sis and grandma!

[22] Siblings(included you): 4

[23] Eldest: Kirsteen.[24] Youngest: My only baby sis, Katricia.

[25] Love/hate your family: Love em but suck at showinh it!

[26] You found your another half: well i am sure i found him laready but the only thing left is God's blessings!

[27] If yes, who is he/she:KONG SZE MIN

[28] If no, who you want he/she to be: don't have to answer this..the only flaw in min and me's r/ship is the countless times we fight!

[29] Time(s) you in relationship: 2 and hopefully to be the last one this time.

[30] Ever woo boy/girl(0-100000): well..once i guess..

[31] Anyone woo you before(0-10000): sure la..when u are young and decent looking sure got wolves that will come after!aduihxx...

[32] Did anything wrong to your other half: yes..surely..ain't no perfect person!

[33] What was/were the wrong you had done: flirt with another guy behind his back..telling him white lies in order to prevent a fight!

[34] Ever argue with your other half: too much..uncountable..sometimes 3 times a day!

35] You with your other half since: last year..a week before my birthday!a year and a half with him now!

[36] Reasons you love your other half: if there would be reasons for loving him,it would be endless..i love him because he makes me feel loved..being able to know how love feels like is the gretest thing anyone can have in life!

[38] You woo he/she or he/she woo you: he wooed the i wooed..

[39] Ever think of marry he/she: only every night:p.


[40] Your first best friend: AZREEZA first friend in assunta.

[41] Your first enemy: some teacher in primary school

[42] The friend you love the most(1 only): well i ove all my friends but the most i guess ANNABETH LEE

[43] The enemy you hate the most(1 only): HATE IS A STRONG WORD!.

[44] Your most beautiful girl friend: well like kerryn say all pun cantik la!tapi according to the guys it should be caroline!

[45] Your most handsome boy friend:my B and now he has turn into my lover!

[46] The kind of girl you hate the most: two face lying bitches.

[47] The kind of boy you hate the most: the ones that are too concern about themselves and rather doiitch their gf!

[48] You fall in love with your close friend before: not really

[49] Your best friend is your ex-lover: yup..annabeth officially Dump me and ask me to fight for her!

[50] If your friend is backstabbing you: CRY!

[51] If your friend betray you: Cry!

[52] If your friend woo your lover: she's a real bitch then..i'll just find someone better..a friend like her are trash!

[53] If your friend fall in love with you: nothing wrong..if the magnets are attracting close,i'll take him!

[54] If you fall in love with your best friend: lagi best..they always say that husbands are ought to be your lifetime bestfriend!

[55] Are you a good student? okay?.

[56] You always done your homeworks/assignments: depends on mood and whether i know how to do it!.

[57] The teacher/tutor you love the most: haha..all of em are the same je..

[58] Always late to school/college: always too early!one of the early birds!

[59] You love your seniors: mutual feeling!.

[60] Seniors who you love the most: -

[61] Your classmates good/bad: depends on when.

[62] Excellent result classmate: not goona say cause everyone will get perasan cause all pun freakin kiasu!

[63] Laziest classmate: all of us in the slacker category!

[64] Smart people: those with brains and willingness to be hardworking

[65] Stupid people: act on stupidity.

[66] Good looking people: hollywood stars!

[67] Ugly people: too many to list-not ugly just not good looking!.
the following questions are crappy..ain't gonna answer them!

[68] Funny people:

.[69] Cute people:

.[70] Bad people:

.[71] Honest people:

[72] Acting people:

.[73] You are what kind of people: i know who i am and what i am..enough said!


[74] Lip or eyes: lips..kisses are important!

[75] Hugs or kisses: Both.

[76] Shorter or taller: taller!

.[77] Hesitant or spontaneous: balance of both.

[78] Nice stomach or nice arms: nice arms.

[79] Listener or Talker: again balance of both.

[80] Romantic or rich: Romantic.xD

[81] Good husband or good father: 50% fathere 50% husband!


[82] Age to get marry: by 26

.[83] Numbers of kid(s): 2

.[84] Career: not to sure yet!.

[85] Salary: if possible a minimum of 5 figure salary!

[86] Retirement age: when i have enough $ to travel the whole worls with B!.

[87] Properties value: the higher the better...

[88] Wishes: all my wishes come true...

no one.
Tags too crappy!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


i need somewhere to scream out all these
i need some room to cry
i need some air to breathe..
i neeed some friends that i can trust in college
i need my old highschool friends
i need love
i need attention
i need a hug
i need a shoulder to cry on to..
i need a ear to borrow
i need a pair of eyes to realise that i am depressed..

really all i really need is
understanding from my effing college mates..

i hate college
i am at a point of my life i wish i could turn the table and justt walk off from college

i am so tired of being push around here and there..
i am so tired of being taken granted of..

one verdict:
i want OUT of this fucking fucking intake of mine!

with grudge and tears,
karlisyle lum

this pretty much sums up how i am feeling today..maybe it's the PMS u'll say but hell it is not..i had enough of being toyed and push..i am no's my time now...u'll see and you can suck back those filthy words of yours..

Friday, November 7, 2008

goona end this week's post with this tag by miss CAROLINE again!:p

1. Your handphone model? Nokia 5610 eXPRESS mUSIC

2. A picture of it?can't draw for peanuts!

3. How many times did your phone get tortured by you?i didn't torture it but i just don't take good care of it!

4. Which part of your handphone you hate the most and why?i would have to say the middle musid slide always gets crack and i ahhve to send it for repair over and over again!

5. Like the most and why?the camera..3.2mgp..seriously one of the best camera built in in any nokia affordable phone!

6. If you're given a chance to change your phone colour, what would it be?no need to ask also all know wan ler..PINK!

7. What icon do you click the most?gallery and SMS

8. What else to change to become a perfect handphone?the colour of the phone to pink!and TOUCHSCREEN!

9. You need a handphone because I NEED to stay in contact with people and listen to the mp3 in the frigging bus!

10. . Who bought this phone for you?partly myself and partly daddy!

11. With the total amount of your handphone price, what could you buy other than phonesTONS of CLOTHES!!
12. Is your handphone model popular in the market?U common that i see 3 of us in the bus sometimes using the same phone!

13. Describe yourself as a smart handphone userya smart in drying up all of the credit and sleeping next to it everynight!

.14. How often do you charge your phone?everynight..i leave it to charge overnight summore.

15.Estimate, how long could your handphone survive?another couple of months before it needs to be sent to the phone hospital again!

16. Actually are you interested in phones?u can say so..i like changing phones if i have the dough.

17. Are you happy with you phone condition now?NOPE!bored with it!

18. Every morning, what is the first thing you do with your handphone?calling my BB to wale up!

19. Imagine someone takes your handphone away for 1 day. What would happen?haha..i would be super annoyed and bad mood!

20. No handphone no life. Agree or bullshit? well..i agree with it is necessary nowadays!

21. Tag 6 sexy fone users.KONG.....KERRYN..SHWU TENG..GARY..KERINA..NADIA YAYA

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

it's her BIRTHDAY!

i am back and i don't know what's wrong with my laptop...everything is underline all of a sudden..well i am not gonna let it affect this post of mine today..i am going to start off with something special for my dear 5 years best friend,annabeth lee and also a friend of mine since TAdika..

i don't know if you remember anot but we met during the last tadika concert we had..we were like 6 years old back then..we were not really close although we knew each other.until like we were 10 years old,we had thethe same circle of friends and from there we became good friends.i remember there was one point in my life where i was 10,i despise you for teasing me fat once in my autograph book(i know childish right?)anyhow up till 2002 we remain as good friends only.

Then,it happen...we got into the same highschool too and eventually we develop this sense of closeness and we drew nearer and nearer each day.i remember you were so popular in SABS and you were not ashamed of admiting me as your best friend..

Dear,do you remember the constant calls we make to each other house just to gossip and tell each other how we felt?do you remember your Dad got pissed at one point and lock the house phone top prevent you from making outgoing calls?

last resort,i collected cash from everyone that wanted to share to get you a handphone?cause i was so lonely without the daily routine calls..we got you a phone exactly like the one i was using back then..3315..i remeber so clearly your dark blue phone casing!

we were so close till form3..though throughout that years,we had misunderstandings but yet you were always my best friend..i remember most of the teachers in school kept saying..where there is annabeth,there is karlisyle..

Dear,i take this OPPORTUNITY to apologise to you for ditching you thos few years back..where i thought that Love was much better than our friendship..those countless of times you tell me you missed me but yet i still chose him over you..i am DEARLY really REALLY apologetic..i just want you to know that i was really childish back then..i shouldn't have done that to hurt you!

at least now,i got my feet back on the ground..whenever i am with you,i'll try to make full use of it because my life now is simply boring without you...

sounds so lesbo!wakaka..

Beffie is my pet name to u..i remember your giggle when i called you that!i really miss you are the gretest friend anyone can always try not to be judgemental towards others especially me...

you never left my life when i did that to you for are the best..

i can't ever repay you for tthose times you borrowed to me to hear my woes..those times where i just wanted someone to listen and no say a thing..those times where i felt crappiest and you made me smile again..those times i was isolated,you were there for me every single day before i could pick up the pieces again..

those jolly good times when we went camping,interact following my family for church activities...the sleep over we had..when iw as alone and were there for me...

your family has also conr=tributed a part in my life especially your mom..she is the best person to gossip to cause she always know what to say at the right time..the times where she made me feel beautiful when i feel fat...

we are like SISTERS..though we are not...

the funniest fact about our friendship is..all my boyfriends like you first before me..haha..

the saddest part of our friendship was during your accident..i remeber i was all tucked into bed when your mum called me and tell me that you met an accident..i froze and was speechless for a sec..i wanted to rush there in my pyjamas but my mum and your mum,no use also..she asked me to get good rest to vist you tommorow..i remember being like a sakai i ran around the house with tears in my eyes..i was on the top pf my lungs that beth parents were so worried..that whole night our whole family prayed for you individually..i went inside my room..not knowing what to do cause i was so scared that i would have to lose you..kerryn came in and consoled me..the next morning at 7am i woke up and change my mum was also so shock..having panda eyes i insist i wanna got to the hospital but ur mum said it's bit too i went there at 8plus am...seeing you at that time,i wanted to cry..i don't know whether for joy that u are safe or because i saw you lying there so limb and weak and i was so helpless...but yet you stilll gave me a small laugh cause you were not allowed to giggle like usual due to the stitches!Thank God,it's over and you are safe!

Dear,i am no longer afraid to express this to you(since you are an adult d!18 mar!) but i don't want to lose you from my are too good of a friend to be lose!you are practically the sister i never go through everything with me..i miss growing up with you now that we are apart!but fear no cause i am going to try to keep this friendship of ours!

i LOVE you,Beffie!

a trip down memory lane:
remember this?your thanksgiving dinner!we camwhored so much!and we both look HOT!haha

1.sungai lembing..we climb up at hill and i almost died cause it was exhausting!
2.St.Thomas IU..i remember your dad was grounding you but yet because i kept persuading you,you came to teman me and the rest of us.. the room at sungai laughed so hard seeing this pic of your pig nose!haha

in my photo album..some memories we share! Physics tuition last year!nerdy you!
2.2005 SABS charity Dinner!
3.2004-NOOB!(sabs charity dinner!)
4.Ju vin's farewll lunch!

Next, A Tag From Her To Me!
1. Whats your ambition?
To be rich and sucessful in life..have kids and get married before 30..
2. How often do you think of commiting suicide?
erm i think thrice..had serious mum daughter problems!
3. Do you think you have enough confidence?
well let's put it this way..when i want the confidence,i won't have it..when i don't want i can be over confident at times!
4. How many babies you want?
2-perfect pair(a boy and a girl)
5. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
Duh,saw it in reality before!
6. What is your goal for this year?
not make enemies and make tons of friends and not screw up my life here in KL!
7. Do you believe in eternity love?
experiencing it now...with god and Minxx!
8. What do you say about your life now?
life pretty much sucks at this point..everything is not going on fine!
9. What feeling do you love most?
the joy of knowing that you have people that love and care for you!
10. What are the requirements you wish from the other half?
wow you are asking to much beffie!well look at Kong sze min and tell me what you see in him..that's your answer!
11. Is there anything u wanna tell the ppl u hate?
12. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
well people say im not this kind cause i have a funny way of showing people how i care..i am not a good Keeping in touch friend but in my heart i remember every single soul that is my friend!
13. What does flying means to you?
14. What do you crave for the most currently?
15. Where would ur ultimate vacation spot be?
anywhere in EUROPE!a romantic get away with him!
16. Describe the person who tagged u in 7 words.
i see true friendship in her eyes!(7 words!:p)
17. What have you done to yourself make yourself happy?
18. What will you become in another 10 years to come?
old and droopy?COME hotter and older!haha!
19. What is your lucky number?
3 i think!
20. What is your favourite food?
wow too much to list
1but usualyy anthing sweet!
I shall tag:
-hui fern