Wednesday, October 29, 2008


i'll try to update soon...
but for now all i gotta say is HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL was way better than HSM 2!
so for HSM lovers,get ur a ss out to the cinema.
it was seriously worth watching!
so people don't be lazy..
go watch it..

Troy was extremely sweet so whoever love fantasies,be sure bot to miss it!

QUOTED BY TROY:"my prom is whever you are"

until then,
with love,

karlisyle lum

Sunday, October 26, 2008


ignore the has got nothing to do with the ost today..i don't know why the first thing i thought was the word much LAW maybe?

well here are 10 facts of my life happening now:
-1.will be watchin HSM3 today at TGC one utama at 6.30 pm with the sisters and minxx! not really in a good mood nowadays!sorry B fpr being a mangsa!
-3.early morning i got an sms from the secretary of ATC rotaract to go for the interact conference on 21-23 nov.
-4.have exams after the holiday
-5.i am going for Aidan's(my nephew in law ) birthday bash at Centre Point McDonald!he's finally 2!
-6.i am at a point in my life where i feel like giving up everything and just be ignorant!
-7.i just came back from Melaka yesterday..
-8.MY bb has a blog alrerady!
-9 .i am still secretly worried about being with my B whole family.i feel left out at times
-10.i love BLOGSHOPPING!it's so fun!u should try it!

i gtg take a bath!

until then,
karlisyle lum

Thursday, October 23, 2008

well today pretty much is an ordinary day except that my rents are coming later tonight or should is ay in the morning..they will only be reachin at 1am or 2...i don't know the real exact story of why are they comin so late but soon i'll know..

i am pretty upset about something..well it's kinda silly..really it is..i mean but i really need my freinds but mostly everyone is so dead in the blog world these it goes..i am upset that my mum lost my birthday present to her..i got her a personalised..custom made if you can say..MUMMY keychain..there was a clay doll that was supposedly her..she accidentally drop it..she hung it on her phone..can't really blame her though cause u know's small..but i am pretty upset..i feel like crying..stupid me right?i mean..i was really so excited about the present when i gave it to her..but now it's is my heart..i feel so hurt..i know it is just a simple thing..

but well i never had a good relationship with her..NEVER..but yet i apologised to her the other day..and then i bought her that cute special gift for her birthday but yet she lost seems like even fate do not wants us to be in good terms..why..

i feel so sad..but i know there's nothing that i can do..thanks for reading helps me alot already that you guys express your concern by reading this!thanks!

with love,

karlisyle lum

tagged by her again!:) miss carol this for u!

1. Would you marry for money?
a definite Noooo...UNLESS we face real terrible bankruptcy but i am the cliche type..i belive in marrying for LOVE!

2. Have you had braces?
Nope..Thank God i didn't have to..but if i were to be having braces//i'll make it the next fashion acessory!wakaka..

.3. Could you live without a computer?
before 15,Yes..after that i'll definitely DIE!

4. If you could live in a different decade which would it be?
well it won't hurt to be back in the 70's or 80's..where the fashion was weird and people were brave in experimenting with looks!

5. Do you drink enough water?
well i think so cause i am quite particular about my body getting at least 1500ml a day!

6. Do you wear shoes in the house or take em off?
take em off!i was never one of those that learn to have the habit of bedroom slippers!i want to like they do in movies but is okay in the house!

7. What are your favorite fruits?
wow..where to begin?i would be called fruit addict if there was such a term..
plum, peach, kiwi,pear,sunmelon,honeydew,longan,lychee,duku,manggis, watermelon, mangoes!!!, erm erm, grapes, starfruit,!dislike dragonfruit and durian!

8. What is your favorite place to visit?
anywhere that will plaster a smile on my face!

9. Are you photogenic?
well people do tend to tell me that i look better in pictures that reali life and also the other way i don't depend on the angle i take la!haha

10. Do you dream in color or black and white? did u know this?haunting me in my dreams?

11. Why do you take surveys?
wanna kill time and too bored!wanna have a reason not to hit the books!

. Do you drink alcohol?
not really a drinker..drink red wine?white wine also not that bad!

13. What is the most beautiful language?
erm..the language of LOVE?wakaka..

14. Do you like being kissed when you are asleep?
same with caroline..i also like to picture being kissed in the forehead just to let me know that i am safe in his arms!

15. WHAT do you like MOST: Sunrise or sunset?
well if i would have to choose...sunset..cause it would be more sunrise with minxx and beffie before..wasn't that nice..have yet to see sunset!

16. Do you want to live until you're 100 yrs old?
erm..unless the partner of my life is living till 100 too if not it will be so boring!

17. Is a flat stomach important to you?
was just thinking bout this in the bus today..well i would love to have one but then it's okay to not have one too..just not too big..cause sometimes flaws are perfection too..i mean we all can never be too perfect right?

18. What body part of the opposite sex is sexiest?carol for real the butt?haha..
for me would be the yes and a mole on the lips..his hand and arms..the way he caress my face with that hand of his and the way he holds on to me tightly!

19. When watching scary movies are the lights on or off?
too CHICKEN to watch horror movies!theer i said it!

20. Do you believe in magic?
not magic are because of spirits?

21. Do you believe in ghosts?
i believe in their existence in this world but i rather not see one anymore!

22. Do you like to watch cartoons?
yeah!hell yeah!especially SOUTHPARK!thanks to my B for dragging me into it!

23. At what age did you find out that Santa Claus wasn't real?
parents never really instilled that whole santa claus lie on me since young!just see it in cartoons!never believd it was real!

24. Do you write poems?
well i would like to think i do but unfortunately not all of us are shakespeare type!

25. Do you snore?
yup when i'm super tired.

26. You sleep more on your back, front,or sides?
sides when he is next to me..front when my sinus is iritating me..front when i am dead tired

27. Would you rather have a poodle or a rottweiler?
terrier!whatever happens pun i want a terrier!

28. Are you basically a happy person? mood always flactuates!

29. Are you tired?
yup..tired of life and exams!and pressure!aargh

30. Did you drink anything with caffeine?
only starbucks white coffee..isit b?

31. How do you take your coffee?
don't fancy coffee

32. How many landline/cellphones do you have in your house?2

33. Do you get along with your parents?

34. Do u smoke?
i hate the smell of cigarattes

35. Do you have a kitty?
nope!have too many dogs..

36. Have you ever had a birthday party?
erm duh..sure lah!

37. What do you do when you're sad?

38. What do you need most now?
a reason to not go for class tomorrow and my B and my friends!

39. What song are you listening to now?

40.what are you craving right now?
B's hugs and kisses!

I tag :
My b!
tan shwu teng
hui fern

i rest my case,
until then,
with love!
karlisyle lum

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

give it all

as for your informatipnj purposes,my B has started a blog of his own so please feel free to link him aitexx..i mean those of you that know him okay?

well today's pretty much just another ordinary day except for the migrain that is superbly killing my head and mood..i got lots of assignments awaiting me...i am so tired but yet i know i have to push myself today..i had so many big plans and dreams today...i wanna complete my LAW essay despite whatever happens..

well this post of mine today is sort of another rant of mine(they all are,huh?)so just click the X button if you are not interested..

lately i been thinking about human behaviours..because i am facing problem dealing with humans..i used to be so open and sociable..i used to be such a's not that i am no longer one but it's just that i have slowed down my enthusiam of living life with talking..i sometimes find it rather relaxing being left alone and just not talk...just dwell inside my own thoughts..

well i better stop running out of the topic and go back to it..

humans are such complicated creatures created by God..well he did not made us this way but why did we humans did these to ourselves?turning ordelves in to such ugly least the beast shows the eats its preys and ming;e with its own kind..

humans on the other hand..we act like we like the person but at the back we backbite them till they is nothing left for them to say..why can't we human be a lil more simple...the people that we hate we shall just avoid while keep the ones we love close to us..

i admit i myself find myself so difficult to be is because i made myself difficult to be understand..i put an armor shield around me to protect myself from falling into darkness..but why should i do that when falling is part of learning in life?

because i am scared..i can never know or guess what the other person is thinking of me..i am afraid of being judge..i hate being judge..i myself am a judgemental person so i know how scary one can get when judging..

until today i can never exactly read minxx mind and i can never intepret what exactly is in that mind of his..i am so afraid..being so close to him yet i still can't read his mind..

why are we so difficult to intepret?why sometimes we love to make something so simple so complicated?

i say i LOVE you,why can't i just do as i mean?
i say that i HATE you,why can't i do as i say?

why are we humans so silly and stupid?getting ourselves stressed up for nothing?why?

p.s:am not in an amo mood cause i know who truly loves me..

until then,
stay happy..
the grass is always greener on the other side,
love u people!
karlisyle lum

monkey pig face..pouting as usual i wonder sometimes do we really see the world with both our eyes or rather just one?

reaching out

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


lost in the darkness for awhile,at last there was finnaly a light..a bright light that was shone towards me..the day has become brighter and positive..the grass is also greener on the other side..i shall not stick to being so pesimistic..there are so many things in life to long and wait for..i admit i for one am easily demotivated...logging in to my blog adn seeing that there are no new comments make me feel it is not worthwhile blogging..but at the end of the day i know the truth...the satisfaction of blogging is not for others but oneself..

i shall proceed on the pictures..i wanna promote some of the things that i have bought..well why not share it with u beloved people right?

first up,
this ccake is bought from ZEN..midvalley..yes me and my B have the habit of trying new food at new shop every weekend if we have the dough to pay...haha..the cake was's name is the chocolate marshmallow..seriously for chocolate lovers,go out there and get yourself a slice.only rm6.50 per slice..ZEN currently only have three outlets(i think)

some history facts about is a mini SECRET RECIPE..but it specialises more on desserts like creme buele,raspberry cheese pudding..alot of other types!

secondly i wanna show u shoppers that it don't matter if u don't have time to go out and shop..there's another alternative..blogshopping..Terence was so amazed at the word blogshopping!wakaka..i bet some of u know about this already!i'm kinda into it these days..i am still waiting for my 3 statement tees!wakaka..
this is the pretty pretty bag that i just got yesterday..purchased it from the internet..the blog web i'll give later..i feel guilty for causing so much trouble and hassle to her just to get this bag!well i don't know what u guys think about it but i am so lovin it..esp the detail on the bag..there are just simply pretty..i got it for rm40..quite reasonable for a bag this size..mulyipupose bag..handbag and schoolbag!

well,there are tons more of other pretty bags at the blog so feel free to go visit and have a free to look through aitexx?
until then,
stay tune to my blog!
i'll be back!
karlisyle lum

Thursday, October 16, 2008

something more

i know that my post these few days were utterly boring and not worthy of any of your precious time..i deeply expressed my regrets to inform you that Yes,this is Me..
i don't know why i have become so subjected to emo-ing..
someone that i really care about told me that maybe i am being too paranoid and see i told her that i really don't feel welcome in college..i feel so lonely with 40 other people in the class...everyone don't seem to believe i have that problem cause i talk to anyone in class except for a few of them..but i truly can't seem to find one friend who i can truly click and be myself..i don't have anyone to camwhore..yet alone i don't even have the guts to camwhore because they will have something to say about it

SHE messaged me and tell me that i need to open up..she open up my eyes..i ask myself why am i supressing myself?why do i contemplate with wearing what i want just cause i am afarid of expressing myself...Yes,i love dressing up and i am a fashion addict..srew me over or whatsoever..i can't change...i can't help it if you don't like the way i dress but i dress according to my high sense of fashion..

things have been really BAD this past few weeks...and i have taken my feelings out on this bloggie..sad but true when i am sad i am free to express how i feel..i don't care if u don't leave a comment or something in this blog..what i am sad is..sad but yes it is true..when i am really sad,everyone immediately abandon my blog and i'll not hear a word from anyone..maybe i am just an easily forgooten person..

well who isn't right?we are Humans and we are subject to failures and weaknesses..maybe so happen that i am not good at keeping friends that is why i am often abandoned during the worst time in my life..i admit i deserve being forgotten...i am one of those who sees a friend in MSN but often not take an initiative to chat up that friend because i am often too busy or too tired..

i want a change and it has to start with the guy i hurt most..he has been the subject of my anger,tears and weaknesses...i wanna change..i truly want to..but let me take a step at a time!

secondly to all my best friend..u know who you are because u are my one and only BFF i'll have in life..i am so sorry to bother you when i am down..i am sorry that i don't ask you how u r instead i jump into conclusion that u will always be in a fine state..

thirdly to my good also know who you are..i am so sorry that i am constantly saying out about how you betray me..i should focus on the happy times you gave me..

fourthly my twin sis..i am happy that we are getting closer ever since we have deported to KL from our fav KUANTAN...thanks for helping me out and hearing me out...thanks for accompanying me at night at times where i am so lonely

fifthly..okay i am just crapping about the sequence with the LY must be habit i am getting all the people in the past i have had misunderstandings with...HARE and Dinish are two to name...i declare TRUCE between us?shall we?i apologise..i was childish back then..why not let us move forward and leave the grudges back to where it was and not carry it on?

whoever is reading this,you might not want to accept my apology now...but at least i know i did the right thing by taking a step apologisisng..i am not expecting anything back so it is up to your consience to do what you thing is right...

until then,
take care..i'll try to be back with good news!
with love
karlisyle lum

some pictures of me(as usual:p)

p.s:carol:i still can't get the neo imaging word off though i did as you told!anyway more pics will be how bout this batch?okay tak?hehe!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

something more

hey people...
i am here ranting again..
it's raining again..
about to rain..
i can hear the thunders..

i solemnly sit in front of my lappy
trying very best to find a better topic to blog about
but all over again i have nothing to blog except this perfectly sucky life of mine..

all day my head was fill with the song Goodbye To You by michelle Branch
i sometimes why are there so many goodbyes in life
sometimes i wonder why life and death have to be so distinctly separated
the worst ever separation is by life and death

when one's life is taken away from you
you are left alone to battle this world..
you constantly tell yourself that the person will be watching you from afar..
but how will we really know that the person is there watching us

i feel like life suddenly has lose its meaning
i am always drifted to somewhere far with my own thoughts
i am constanly drown in this own thoughts of mine
i wonder is there someone out there that can truly understand me?
why is it so diificult to read other minds and let mine be read

i sometimes wish that life could be way simpler than this
i really hope that things will turn better overnight
i really look forward to a new beginning..

open my eyes to let me see all the colours in life
let me smell the fresh scent of life
taste all the wonderful flavours of life
open my ears to let me hear all the beautiful serene tunes
let me feel all the delicate things in life..

signing off with love,
karlisyle lum

Monday, October 13, 2008

finally a pic

hey there people finally manage to upload one pathethic picture in this blog of lappie has a serious hard problematic case..i don't know where it went wrong..

well i guess my absence from the blogsphere is so totally irrelevant to anyone therefore i doubt this post will be even read..i am so crappy right now..

life's not FAIR but again when has life ever been fair?well i guess life's a game..only thing is my life is full of losses..all the time..

it's FUNNY how life is..sometimes people just emo and talk about their life in their blogs,we humans love snooping out on their blogs as we love to butt in every once and then..people read every single word that is written in their post..from the first till the last..but when i do it,people seem to think i am overdoing it for attention...WTF...right?but life's like can never have the whole world loving you..

i have not been myself lately..i am not exaggerating it for is true...even my college mates are concerned about my behavourial change..i ahve become less prominent and active in class..i rather keep quiet and mind my own businesss..the truth is i don't feel like i fit in everywhere anymore sometimes even in my own family..

i admit i am not good at keeping touch with my friends and i deserve all this but it's just that sometimes i don't want to appear to clingy and dependant..i know everyone is moving on with their next stage of life happily except me..

i wonder sometimes why isit me only facing this difficulty of adapting to this change?the transational change from a school kid to a college grown up..i feel like i have to act so independant all the time..plastering a fake smile on my face is a daily routine...

i am not seeking pity or attention..i just needed a place where i can voice all of this out..i don't belong anymore..even to him i feel like that sometimes..maybe it's just a bad phase i'm going through...lord,help me through again!

with love,
karlisyle lum

sometimes i look myself in the mirror and ask myself where all of the sadness in my eyes came from..

Monday, October 6, 2008

i wish you were the one

sometimes when we FALL,WE can COUNT on the one who loves us most
sometimes i wish that REALITIES WILL Be more like FANTASIES
sometimes i prefer to dwell in lies rather than the truth
sometimes i feel lonely when i am not alone
sometimes i wish i was just a shadow in the dark
sometimes i just want to be understand and understand
sometimes i just want someone to hold me tight
sometimes i secretly hope that someone will be willing to take the fall for me

confessions of a broken hearted..
my broken heart,
karlisyle lum

i'm doing that thing u do

i don't know where this will be heading but what thing i'm sure is i am such a much for my 5hours study plans

God sometimes i really wish that i could be somewhere far far away from all this distractions while studying..yes,i USED to have good self-control(how the heck u think i manage to lose 30kg then?)
don't knowwhether it is just me or not but i seem to be facing major picture uploading problem.

i am doing that thing that u called is as EMO0ING...i miss him heaps but yet i have tow ait for another 4 frigging days till i can be in his arms..sometimes i really wonder am i not cut out for this dating study seems to be really getting into my head and emotions..i don't feel like studying at all these days(maybe it is too long of a holiday for my brains)

i seriously have nothing to talk about..God not only am i lazy but also useless...there seem to be not much of a topic for me to talk about..

i hate college life at this point of time..i hate waking up early
i hate the fact that every syllabus is getting tougher
i ahte the thought of anyone being better than me

God,can i just skip this studying part of my life and just work?

when will i meet the ends of this studying process?aaargh..

till then,
with not so much of love,
karlisyle lum