Thursday, September 11, 2008

why is this a never ending subject of discussion?

if any of you have at least place a slight attention to the current news in Malysia then you will know hat i am about to rant here.if u have not touch the newspaper or watch the new tv channel then back away before i can make you fell any worst than dumb.hehe.i shall choose my words with caution and wisely because a slight remark or statement i make that has racist element then shall i end up in the jailhouse!

Mr .A has said that he made the statement referring to chinese as a 'PENUMPANG' in Malaysia and is not entitled to same rights with the MALAY based on the past history time.but if he really did meant it that way then why is the chinese leaders making one hell of a big deal now?do you think everyone have so much time in their hands to simple find faults in someone?

seriously everyone in my college is so freakinfg FUCKED UP because of this it Indians,chinese or the 'lain-lain' everyone feels a pinch of hurt due to the statement he said.he may think it is not a big deal and he sees no fault in himself.but didn't he realise by making that statement he was risking a beautiful unity that our ancestors fought so hard for?what he thought was supposedly to be frank and truthful end up being pure blunt and silly.

if he refuses to apologise,we can still find in our hearts to forgive and forget but what did he do?he refused apology and got so frigging fucked up about it and said he did nothing wrong and demand that the chinese apologise instead.if you don't wanna apologise then beat it.just rest your case.why wanna mess things up when you are aware that you have created a mess itself!

i am not angry for you making the statement.i am not angry for you are did not apologise to us.i am sad and dissapointed that you as one of the leaders in our country you should have set a good example.despite how much you despise us Chinese,you just gotta live with the fact that we are one nation...a nation as MALAYSIANS.why do you wanna congest the clear water?

it's so sad to see this kind of thing still happenning in Malaysia although we have reached 51 years of independence.During the process to independence,we,malay,chinese,indian and the rest of the 30 races here work together as a nation to get the day that we are living in now.what happen to the 13 mei case?don't you remember how many innocent lives had to be sacrifice?how many blood was shed?

you may say that politically our government have some flaws itself but give them time.but did we Chinese do anything or say anything hurtful?No,instead we stand together as one and support the government and believe in may not be today or tommorow but one day soon things will get better.we just got to i am not naive but it's true!why focus on the bad times when we can focus on the happy times?

RACISM..why is it that i can never hear the end of it.i remember the looks on some of my college mates when i say that i was with my ex,MEOR for 3 years.they look at me as if i have disgraced the chinese because as close minded they are,they believe chinese and malays are not a good combination.but until today i finf there is nothing wrong.just because one of them from that particular race hurt you doesn't mean i have the right to generalise them all together.

my piece of mind is people stop playing this racism are getting old so just grow up!please not re-live the 13 mei incident.innocent bloodshed for what?nothing.

until then,
love one another,be it malays,chinese or indian or a ROJAK or eurasians or apa-apa lah
remember we are MALAYSIANS and we are blessed for having such a rich culture here!
karlisyle lum