Monday, September 15, 2008

still loving you

this blog is dedicated to my bb,minxx who have played a role in my life for almost 1 year 4months this coming Friday,19th september 2008.16 months might seem like just an adolescent stage of our relationship but this 16 months we went through a lot.and i am thankful that i had you next to me for this 16 wouldn't be the same without you.

i might always take you for granted.i am always throwing tantrums at you.i admit things was never smooth for both of us.the journey taken was so tiring but you were always there to pick me up and you carried me on.even when i fall and have no energy to pick up the pieces anymore,i can count on doesn't matter how you do it but you get the job done.

this past 3months i admit that i felt like it was the we have reach the last peak of this once beautiful thing we share but you never let me let go of us.everyone near us realise that things have changed between us.i realise it too but you never realise it that's why it always end in our famous midnights fights.

it was last week i learnt that if you have change,then i have to change too in order to ensure that our relationship will be carried on.i am not saying that you have for the worst but what you have become has its pros and is a good thing you are trying to make me more independant although it seems like you are pushing me's good you are trying to let me overcome my weaknesses although it seems like you can't accept me for who i am.

but it comes to an end,a final say..i LOVE you.with all my heart.despite all the tears i have shed,i know that this time it is for real.who never fights right?i just hope to dedicate this post to you because i don't want you to always think that i am always shedding the negative light tou you only.

i am not hoping for much.i just wanna be happy like we use to be.that's all i am asking for!i know that time will show me.

i love you!

with love,
baby sayang
karlisyle lum!