Friday, September 26, 2008

tagged by my dearest BEFFIE!


1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things / habits / little known facts about yourself.

2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things / habits / little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.

3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tag and list their names.

4. No tags back!

so let's get started with this 15 things that i can't help myself with:
1.i love nibbling my fingernails when i have nothing to do with my hands

2.i love playing with my hair whilst finding split ends and frizzy strands.

3.i stare in the mirror everyday just to tell myself i am PRETTY.(WAKAKA)

4.i have the habit of picturing the future when i am stoning.

5.sometimes when someone is emo-ing to me,i'll just nod my head without listening(i am a super bad listener!)

6.i get really really super scary and rude when i am ask to wait for more than 20 minutes!

7.i like thinking what negative things will happen to me.

8.i sometimes picture how sweet can min and people be to me if i ever have leukimia or cancer.(but it's not that i want it to happen k?)

9.i sometimes wish that i could have more guy fans!(wakaka)ya..maybe growing up with beffie made me wonder how it feels to be in her shoes!

10.i love listening to acoustic songs and picture that i am performing that song on stage for some grand event!(who knows maybe i will for my prom!:p)

11.i like to wonder the ifs in if i was still single or stuff like that!

12.when i am in a place full of foreign faces,i feel so out that sometimes i pretend that i have something to do with my handphone!-i know i am lame!

13.i am super manja around some guys because i get to get em to help me!when i am too lazy to do my own chores!

14.when i am talking,i am always over expressive and sometimes i over-exaggerate too!(kena kantoi a few times d!)

15.last but not least,i have this obsession of keeping useless stuff because i have grew feelings to those belongings of mine!

-my dear twin sis
-Ju vIn!
-Darwin choy!(though we are not freinds!this so random!
-jie yin!(old tadika mate!)
-hui fern!
-ho eva!
-may jean!

until then
enjoy reading my exposed habits!
with love,
karlisyle lum

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the past and now

i find it rather disturbing everytime i asked myself this question.
it is my good friend in college,Vin that made me realised this.
there's this one person in college who loves to taunt and mock me.
the weird and stupid thing is that person treats me very nicely whenever i am alone with her
but whenever we are in a large group she will never fail to do something on purpose to embarassed me
like calling me an asshole
seriously i wonder why..
not wondering why she is treating me this way
but wondering why am i still so calm and ignorant about it
if any of you knew me before this,
i have definitely BLAST her nicely and have most probaly started an ANTI-hER club

i myself wonder why i choose to turn a deaf ear?
i think is because last time i always have annabeth as the calm and selamba one
and now since we are separated i learnt to ignore this tiny petty lilttle matters
because i won't have anyone there to patch things up for me anymore

i don't know whether this is for the better or the worse..
i think from what i can see is the pros outweighing its cons

i am less bed tempered except towards min :p
i learnt to take control of my emotions
i leant that small tiny not important people in my life shall not play any role in my life
i learnt to accept people flaws more

although it might seeem that i have become weaker
let it be seem that way
as long as i get my peace and quiet
i couldn't care less

another incident was when the rotaract club in my college was recruiting new members
i was so afraid to register myself(am still not registered!)
i kept thinking about how i was betrayed by some of my really good friends due to politics in the club
i mean i keep thinking though the club has its good motives and goals but would i really wanna risk my friendships with my new friends?

then i think:
-why should i let go of the chance to start anew with new people and new surroundings just cause the old interact club BOD was so immature back then
-i was immature too back then i admit...maybe now i am ready to learn how to play my cards right with the politics
-why should i give away my chance to try out and be one of the facilitators for this upcoming interact conference this nov 21st i think..

i am not trying to dig up old wounds and find faults in others..all i'm saying is that the past and now cannot be mix is two separate things...

the past is the past

now is now

no matter how much you were hurt in the past you will eventually learnt how to pick up the pieces and be stronger

although i lost the opportunity to be a facilitator or even a member of the ATC rotaract club but what i learnt was a greater expense!

until then,
learn to move on from the past
the other side is always greener
there will always be better people in life you'll meet!
with love,
karlisyle lum

Monday, September 22, 2008

tagged by miss CAROLINE...ah.....GAIN!

RULE #1 People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves..

RULE #2 Tag 5 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse.These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by continue this game by sending it to other people.

1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
can't really answer this unless i experience it one day which i am sure min will never pull a stunt like that on me!

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
wow..where should i start?i think i'll have the dream where i am happy and rich!

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?
well it got to be CAROLINE tsau!miss her bullying me!haha

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
invest and spend!get married straight away!noneed study d!

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?
well again.this is a hard one because what i say might differ from what i'll do if it really happens.i mean if i am single then why not but for now,i am satisfied with min!

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
wow..a feeling of deja-vu!how many times i answered this?definitely to be loved!

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
as long as he is the worth the wait!

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?hurm..i'll actually wait if i really like him..but will never meddle the r/ship!

9. Is there anything that has made you extremely happy?
not too sure because have not been really extremely happy in a while!

10. What takes you down the fastest?being misunderstood!

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?Happy and settled with life!

12. Who is currently the most important people to you?
minxx,family and friends!

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
someone that u can't judge on a first time basis.she may give you the first wrong impressions but overall she is an awesome person!give a break!

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?haha,,can't aswer..wanna be rich and happy but if i had to choose then middle class and super happy!

15. What's the first thing you do when you wake up?oh shyt...lazy lah!wanna ponteng anot?

16. Would you give all in a relationship?depends.

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
the one who loves me and can accept me for who i am!will never make me feel vulnerable!

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing the someone has done?
yup..though i will be very angry at the point of time but i believe that time will heal!

19.Do you prefer being single or having a relationship?for now definitely be with min but if anything was to happen(touchwood!)i would love to be single a while!

i tag no one because practicaly every1 has done it...nak layan tag nie,suka hati u!

with love,
karlisyle lum

call it whatever u want

hello people..
i don't know what i am feeling today..
all i know is i am tired..
today i woke uo for nothing
reach there at 8.45am and was the only one there..
by9.30am most of my friends came and then mr Gerard(i guess) announce that my teacher on leave!haish..this is the 2nd time he pulled this stunt on us! is so....annoying.

but i shall not get agitated no more..
went shopping today..
got a bermuda shorts,jeans shorts and a long pink overcoat!
all for only rm35..
don't have to guess where i got it already!

i seriously have a problem
i am not so sure wif all of you bloggers out there can relate to this same problem
when i am out or stoning in the bus
i can imagine what to blog
and in that imagination,i picture how emotional ans aspiring i'll write the blog
but when i am in front of my lappie,i just kind of freeze
like all of a sudden
all the ideas and inspiration
the bombastic words and over exaggerating point of views
all just KA..Boommmm...
it will just fade away!

i don't know why i am blogging this way today instead of the normal long essay paragraph
maybe i just need a change once in a while
maybe we all do
sometimes it's just so lame and boring to make life a routine
living by the rules and steps
maybe we need to break free sometimes
let go and have fun..
God the word break free makes me feel like singing out loud the HSM song.

enough of crap
i need to go find out what 'prima facie' in law is all about!

until then,
i can't wait to be back for raya!
with love,
karlisyle lum

Saturday, September 20, 2008

it was one hell of an experience

alert:this notice is to notify to you that the following is a picture caption whoever that is does not have the taste for this type or blog or whatsoever,please kindly go to my links and select somebodyelse's blog!

from the previous post,i have stated that i'll post about my one of a kind experience that i was 'dragged into' for the launch of the new playstation3.if any of you who reads newspaper should be aware of the fact that i and min was there.The Star newspaper 2nd or 3rd page has a picture of people quieng and so happens that me and min was in the picture.

it was one hell of a night..time passed so freaking slow on that particular night.we waited from 7pm till the official launch which was delayed a lil(biasala we Malaysians!)if i am not mistaken the official launch was at nearly 12pm.there was some cute japanese Sony manager giving his speech and also any Sony Vip which i vaguely rfemember.

seriously though my mum said that me and min are crazy because we were willing to camp out a night there just to get the SONY PLAYSTATION 3 but it was worth it.the experience was different.i only slept on the Pink sleeping bag(thanks Ker,for dropping it over) and i folded it to half as part of my blankie.pity min,he had no choice but to have slept on the floor...he was kind of fed up with my whinning!i was whinning from the start till i finally manage to doze off at 3 am plus i had a total of only about 3hours of sleep but what i am to complain about kan?i ask for it..min ask me to think twice and asked me to go home and sleep but yet i refused! i kind of ask for it don't u think?

as crazy as we were,we could not have beaten the ass of 22 other people who lined up earlier than us!especially the first 3 customers!they waited almost 50hours(pecah rekod!)but her wait was worth when Sony decided that she should be awarded a free Playstation besides the rm1000 cash voucher.

i know i am being so lenghty(as usual)..but this will be my last paragraph before i let u off with the picture and captions!the coolest part of this Launch was the gift bags for the guests and let me mind you that 170 of us that lined up just so to get our hands on the ps3 were not considered as guests!the guests were the mass comm people,journalists,reporters and etc etc.they were given a gift or better known as goodie bag at the one expected to find what was in the paper bag!of course there were the usual t-shirt,tag and petty petty stuff..but guess what was the main gift in the bag?the new Sony Walkman!though it was the 1gb only but i went to check out the price at sony and it costs about rm169!and theye frigging got it Free!aarhgh...

okay carry on with the pictures now:

this was the banner that showed us where to line up and where the whole launch was going to be taking place.this was only one side of the event..this was where all the geeks and people with too much time in their hands that camp out!you can see the camp right?there was a 24 hour marathon gaming session on the other end(no picture of it though!)

this were part of the people who were earlier than us.we were at the 19th position at first but because some people claim they book for friends(so unfair!) we were push to the 23rd!
the clearer view of the camp!she was camping out with her boyfriend!or should i say it the other way round?because from what i see is the boyfriend came to accompany her to buy the ps3!
the Sony ps3 girls candidates!something top entertain the guys and of course geeks!

the other two candidates!only 5 of em that night were practising to catwalk!

me looking so fuggly!can't blame me leh!was sweating!so darn hot...felt so sticky somemore...i don't even have to go to the part about where i was bitten by mosquitos!
the girls discussing with the co-ordinator..the co-ordinator was guy!and he practically made them do qawaii poses!haha
the group of geeks where there was about 6 of em!this were the ones who bloom out of no where like mushrooms!first it was 3 then by 9pm there was 6 of them!3 or 4 of them were actually married man...and 2 married with kids!lquote:once a geek always a geek!
we were shifted to the inside to line up at about 12am?or was it earlier?not so clear about it..we were shift to the front of British india!

besides facing British india,this was what we were looking was either the geeks or the board divider...what do u think...haha..

at 8.30am the next morning we were given this number cards as to line up to purchase the ps3...we were number 23 and we were behind 3 spots to getting rm500 cash voucher instead of rm300 only but i figured better than nothing right?i am officially 15%away from my pink cybershot!
the crowd getting enthusiastic once the card numbers were given out!some were even standing though the official lauch was still an hour plus away!
when the VIP were giving their speech!people were actually more keen on looking at how many more time left to the official Malaysian Launch!
the crowd checking out and trying out the ps3 games!the other sides i guess!this paricular girl kept talking to minxx..kinda flirting jugak la!right under my nose but suprisingly i don't really care because obviously she is no match to me!wakaka..

this was the reason why geeks and not so ggeky people like my guy were so crazy about!obsessed may i say!but it is kinda pretty but i prefer the ps2 looks!
me reading the instructions!seriosly reading!i was not posing!min said i look scary in this pic!
my super cute over excited guy..going gaga over the ps3...
just to give the view of how high the colour resolution is!from what Ash told me,those without a plasma screen tv is not advisable to get a ps3 because it cannot be supported as perfectly as a plasma tv!

the super large paper bag that was given together when we purchase the ps3.
the ps3 was taken out into life from this box(God,i sound like a geek already!)
the free Tote bag(kononyer Limited edition)-but at least it was free!
min trying out his skills on th new ps3 games..the games were also given free..two games
a picture to show you guys what min drag me into..panda black eye rings!anna's signature remark!hehe...
boy,i must really suck in this picture caption post!haha...sorry but if you don't enjoy it then there is nothing else that i can do!wakaka...
until then,
i'll be saving up for a PINK cybershot,
will be trying to catch up with studies,
play the new ps3!
with love,
karlisyle lum

Friday, September 19, 2008

this part is not important

well as you can see i am utterly idea-less about what to write the title.well this blog is still killing me as i am still unable to upload pictures..the internet connection in my condo aka apartment is still so i have to go over to minxx because the internet connection there is so freaking fast and good...

i got nothing to blog bored...except that tonight me and minxx will be camping out of one utama for the new ps3 launch..maybe i'll get some pics to show u guys how lame and desperado we are..

until then,
keep visiting
and hope u'll enjoy this blog as much as i enjoy reading
i'll be back for more,

karlisyle lum

Monday, September 15, 2008

still loving you

this blog is dedicated to my bb,minxx who have played a role in my life for almost 1 year 4months this coming Friday,19th september 2008.16 months might seem like just an adolescent stage of our relationship but this 16 months we went through a lot.and i am thankful that i had you next to me for this 16 wouldn't be the same without you.

i might always take you for granted.i am always throwing tantrums at you.i admit things was never smooth for both of us.the journey taken was so tiring but you were always there to pick me up and you carried me on.even when i fall and have no energy to pick up the pieces anymore,i can count on doesn't matter how you do it but you get the job done.

this past 3months i admit that i felt like it was the we have reach the last peak of this once beautiful thing we share but you never let me let go of us.everyone near us realise that things have changed between us.i realise it too but you never realise it that's why it always end in our famous midnights fights.

it was last week i learnt that if you have change,then i have to change too in order to ensure that our relationship will be carried on.i am not saying that you have for the worst but what you have become has its pros and is a good thing you are trying to make me more independant although it seems like you are pushing me's good you are trying to let me overcome my weaknesses although it seems like you can't accept me for who i am.

but it comes to an end,a final say..i LOVE you.with all my heart.despite all the tears i have shed,i know that this time it is for real.who never fights right?i just hope to dedicate this post to you because i don't want you to always think that i am always shedding the negative light tou you only.

i am not hoping for much.i just wanna be happy like we use to be.that's all i am asking for!i know that time will show me.

i love you!

with love,
baby sayang
karlisyle lum!

Friday, September 12, 2008

finally it's here..FAMILY CAMP!

finally manage to post this blog..had so many pending pictures.although it is a lil outdated already but hope u have fun with this post!finally a picture-caption blog!something different for a change!

i seriously for a long time i actually had solid quality family time.even though i admit we are not as good samaritans like the other christians but for one thing i know is we don't judge and outcast people..even if the person is a loner and has no friends we would still give that fella a chance!stay away from politics!it doesn't mean God only loves those popular and capable ones!i had fun with my Lumsies!wish for more great times like this!only wish that christian would stop lying to themselves that they treat people equally!no..i don't blame them or i am not blaming anyone..surely everyone is bound to their own group of friends but what i am asking is sometimes i am happy being a freelancer than attched to a group..that way i learn more and am able to see things in a wider perspective.

F.Y.I:it has nothing to do with the best dressed competition...ok scratch that!maybe a lil but it was my fault because i hid myself and was shy at first!so it was my fault in the first place for not giving it a try!but please people...when u say that u wanna make people feel welcome,u people have a funny way of showing it!

this is the condition of the challet!it was bigger than in this picture but can u imagine the face of the four Lum spoil brats when we saw this?we were like can we go home tonight!and funny thing is we did went home because i miss my own roomie back in Kuantan!plus we benefited a few campers given then the privillege to enjoy the aircorn and bed!

the toilet was frigging frigging PINK.........PINK....

maybe the lighting will no allow you to see the real shade of pink that i saw with my very two own eyes but believe me it was pink...felt so happy to be in a pink loo until a big giant moth flew across my face!i scream as usual!
this picture surely a must!got mirror means camwhore la!what else?the toilet bowl,the water heater was pink but i just too lazy to upload it here!the walls as u can see it is pink too!Aaah...sweet pink heaven!

a lame poser pic of all four Lum princesses..*note:i force em to play along as posers with me!hehe* i didn't realise that his name has had similiarity with HSM until that day i scribbled this!love him,KSM so much!
of course the authenthic fav pic of mine!poser!i am surrounded with a love if u haven't notice!
kerryn had to break and tear apart the love and showed that her heart was broken into 2 perfect pieces!
my cute adorable daddy so excited to play!sitting in the row with the other fathers!haha

some toss and catch balloon game which i did not participate!the sun was darn hot and bright!not ggod for my migrain so i step aside
playing some dice and roll game.practically it's even number then we will proceed while if the dice rolls odd number then we have to move backward!we were all waiting patiently.
pretty horses that were brought into the beach in the later evening1i'm so determined now to get two white horses for my wedding snapshots..picture and minxx in our wedding attires on pure white horses riding off to the sunset in the beach shore and that moment will be captured to alst a life time?so pretty kan?

me really lookin weird!real candid picture but Amos had to pose!without telling me somemore!
a real constipated picture of me!like Pao suen love to utarakan her problem of ehem...hehe..joking ny don't marah ya!
a far view of little karlisyle putting all her strenght into the tug-a-war or isit tug-of-war?at last all the hard effort paid off when we green turtles were given the winner's title!

kat wit sweaty daddy trying to fly the kite!it is those tiny lilttle precious moments that we share that i learnt how to appreciate you even more!
our colourful kite in the sky!so high up..we practically beat all the kiddos in the beach!we beat em all yey!
a beautiful view of the sky and a pretty day for kite-flying!
me trying to fly the kite while the other end mummy and kat and daddy trying to untanggle the fishing string thingy!

i just love this picture.the sunset between us is so the picture though not so natural but nice pose kan?haha...
we were suppose to form a love with our fingers but due to some difficulty(see the way i am sitting then u'll understand)the love end up being a circle..well i guess that shows unity!
back to with the pretty baby sister,,one and only!
this picture..i don't know why but i just needed an emo's only right when you are sitting on the rocks in the beach..

a not so pretty snapshot of us..KAT was was like sien and kirst was like huh?blur d liao!haha..was a coincidence me in the middle was the only one looking to the right!

the trio..u can guessed who snap this picture right? me with the AH-dorable children... soon to be mummyin the future!*mummy instincts calling*haheheha
me in my HULA-HULA of Hapiness outfit(the word was inspired from our local malaysian show,Goda!!wakaka..i was suppose to run for best dressed but i wasn't even popular enough to be selected as a candidtate...sad but true(in chriastianity there is politics to play with) dress is pretty kan?hehe...
until then,
love one another
appreciate your family while there is still time
with love,
karlisyle lum