Thursday, July 31, 2008


sometimes when u take a look at me,you will wonder how i am able to stay so strong

i may look stronger than i am..

because i know that i am breaking into pieces inside of me

i gotta go my own way

time will tell

what was right and what was wrong

i gotta get a chance to be myself..

i am so tired of pretending to be who i am not..

isn't it my life?

shouldn't i be able to live it my own way?

all i can say is:i miss you!

first set of pictures:25july2008
ocassion:ST Thomas and MGSS first united I.U

ME camwhoring before minxx came to fetch me!

the ZAPIN dance!actually enjoyed this cause it's rare to get a solo-all guys dance performance!

me and my B before leaving the house

some super adorable rapper!
some girl who lokks veru much like KAL-SEY singing HSM song!

super super 'PANAS' bollywood dance!fu....

me and minxx candid shot!table no 5!
the backdrop which i am a lil dissapointed's too plain!
the new B.O.D next year!
Breaking freeeee...soaring.....
that's what we got form the DUET People!
gabriella and troy imitattors!

mucks muacks!
minxx candid me!

to the left to the left...what's so nice bout the left?
some post of imitating the guy's line:my BANANA!
ME and the twins!(adik and abang!)
larissa(soon-to be president in 2 years!)

next set of pictures:26.07.2008
ocassion:the reunion of what's left in KUANTAN at RELAX!(finally got my world CUP!)

group pics(from left to right):Goh,June,Ker,Kong,Me,Beth,Patrick,Lum

the BFF of the night!quoted by beffie:it's a must to be qawaii!
group pics again(someone's missing in action!)
just can't get enough!

the princesses of the night!KER,June,*me*,beth

aduihxx and alamak impression!*except for happy June!*
caught in act!candid!

SO NOT trying our best to be QAWAII!
with love,
karlisyle lum

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

sometimes it's best not to put me on a pedestal

just some ranting...i guess it's not bout me!just feel what i feel when i read through the love life of my peeps

when i constantly call just to make sure you are doing fine,you or your friends think that i am such a stalker...

when i countlessly tell i miss you,you will say "yes,i know" but you will ask me just to be patience

when you are having fun,i just expect a call or two from you but you end up saying that i don't give you enough space..

when i cry because i miss you,you say that i am not mature enough

when i whine or get upset,you get defensive and get even with me

when i am angry with you for forgetting something,you will still not be able to remember what made me abgry in the first place

i know you expect me to be the best and to always be understanding but sometimes,can u understand me?don't put me on a pedestal...accept my flaws!love me for who i am!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Instructions :
Remove one question from below and add in your own question, make it a total 20 questions.Then tag 8 people from your list.List them out at the end of the post.Notify them that they have been tagged.

1. At what age you wish to marry?
probally bout 24 but definitely before 30

2. Do you miss your high school teacher and friends?

3. Do you smoke?
not a smoker and don't wish to ever be one!

4. List out two gifts you'd like to receive now.
the pink cybershot and a new pink phone!

5. Who did you text most lately?
well i think TERRENCE..i talk more to minxx

6.How old are you?18 years and 2months plus.

7. What is the latest thing you bought with your own money?
Clothes and my lunch!

8. State 3 people of the opposite sex that first comes to your mind. Who will you most likely date? my B,minxx,the summer hunk of 17,nate archibald!of course my B!

9. Currently into?
MY b!simple tees and skinny jeans!

10. Getting marry is going to heaven or grave???
a question that i am incapable to answer...never been to heaven nor the grave!will let u know when i do!

11. How many kids do you want?2!a perfect pair!

12. Are you in love?no doubt about it!i'm in love!

13. Where is the latest restaurant you have dinner?little penang kafe at the streetes of the curve

14. Name the latest book you bought? accounts text book!

15. Do you believe in God?yes!

16. Single or Attached?Attached

17. Name the first person that comes into your mind now.kong sze min

18. The most exciting place you want to go?tro where he is!!i miss him so much!

19. When is your first kiss?Back in Form 2.

20. Do yousometimes think life just doesn't give u a chance?

i tag:
kah joe
hui fern
pao suen

up2u guys nak layan tak!

with love,
karlisyle lum

Monday, July 28, 2008

out of randomness

i was suppose to update pictures along with this blog but my motorolla v3x did not allow me to do so!i'm home quiet and so lonely...usually kirst and khoo will be in but khoo has gone back to Australia today!kinda not used without him anymore!he is a very good Kor!

today is Monday which means pasar malam but unfortunately i got no one who is interested to go with...i miss my B!*that is random!*college today was okay!quite sienxx also!i just hope that my plans of YUEN'S with Selvan,ju vin,carol,june,joe,elton,hui sen,minxx will FINALLY fall into place...

there's a sharp sting of nostalgia in the air now...i miss last weekend moments in KUANTAN with my fellow mates!not until that time,i realised how much i miss being with them..i had all an awesome girly chats with beffie and june...GAWD,i miss them!i am looking forward to catching up with carolxx n ju vin!

is history repeating itself?i hope not!why am i often in a place where i have no one to trust?

p.s pictures on MGSS nad St thomas i.u will be up soon so is the RELAX pictures but i gotta wait for minxx to pass em to me later through MSN!

i miss my B!

isit me or everyone these days seem to be in a steady relationship?

with love,
karlisyle lum

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


i was suppose to blog yesterday but i had a sudden connection breakdown which made me UBER pissed so i did not post anything..well nothing much..but you could actually see a rant coming didn't you?

well today i went shopping again because last Monday i did not manage to find any dresses that i like...By the way the dress is for this friday night...yes being the ex President's wife i have to be Mr.Kong's companion to the first and ever Co-joined I.U of st thomas and Mgss!well it is suppose to be strictly formal but i'll just wear the pink dress i bought!*pictures will be updated about the night soon!*

i can't wait to get my ass to kuantan!last saturday i was put through hell!i shall not utter a a single word about what happen until i get hold of the whole piece of the news!i had sleepless nights and i had to spend horryfying lonely nights here as ker and kirst are back!well it is not that i am an unloyal daughter but it's just that a-levels is HECTICNESS!plus i am in the linear program!don't believe then come and see my pimple-ish FOREHEAD!

okay there is a new Kiosk in times square and KLCC!the VIENNA bagels!anyone watch the O.C must know what i am trying to imply here!bagels are seth's favourite,remember?i was lucky enough last monday...for their opening promotion from 17july to 24-july,they were giving away free bagels from 3pm-4pm...guess what?at 3.55pm i saw a bee line of people lining up so i also line up thinkng of buying a few to try...then when it was my turn,one of the worker there stamp my hand and gave me a free bagel!wakaka...last month was free auntie anne's pretzel and now vienna bagels!but seriously the bagels are Delicious!i shared with minxx and he insisted that i go T.S today to get 4 other flavours!instead i got free again!so for now i have tried 6 flavours! is SUPERB!must get it although it's not given for free k?rm3.20 for one!

then while i was searching for a dress i notice some the usual 25 shops in sungai wang are now all rm 10 or rm15!of course i went bizzare!i told myself not to spend more than rm50 and i only spend rm 5 extra!i manage to buy 1 hoodie jumper,1 neon blue shorts,2 dresses,1 dress top!so happy but i was sad because i had to let go of a few other dresses because i don't want to waste money...i have a bout 5 clothing attire which have nt been worn before at all and over 10 clothings only worn once...not bragging but it is just an old habbit i'm trying to get rid of!

anyway that's all for now...will not be blogging for the rest of the week!will be back in Kuantan!anyone there?

so far this is all the movie i have watched!BATMAN the DARK NIGHT is the best!2nd is hellboy 2!i also watch theDisneychannelCamprock movie is suppose to be aired in august?

until then,
with love,
karlisyle lum

Thursday, July 17, 2008

words will never be enough

sometimes i ask myself why am is so stupid!i didn't mean in any way to hurt him!i love him but why am i never satisfied?i know one thing for sure is i wanna spend the rest of my life with him!i love him...but what if time changes what we have between us?


I DON'T KNOW why i am feeling this way...
so numb towards rejection
so numb towards getting hurt
so numb on being lonely...

i AM not GOING to deny it...
i actually miss being single
i actually miss my MOM*yes out of all people HER!*
I actually miss seeing DADDy's annoying SLY and sarcastic smile
i actually miss being a KID again!
i miss SCHOOL life!
i miss all my CLASSMATES!
i miss those class times!
i miss being pampered and spoonfeed...
i miss being hit on boys!
i miss flirting!

*if minxx ever read this,i'll be as good as dead!*

seriously this week been one tough week for me!have not been able to catch busses on time and ending up waiting for busses up to 2hours!got caught by the guard for no reason for wearing mini skirts!he said my dressing is not approriate but to hell with i am a FASHIONISTA!toot off if you can't deal with my fashion!i know for one i'm HOT and you are Not!so this whole week i am stuck with frigging long pants and jeans!ish...but i'll soon return to my dresses!u just wait and see..

another thing isi been kapping this guy for a while in my college!just kap ny mar1no i notice that there were few times i caught him looking at me too when i was looking at i thought just let it remain harmless lar!kap him ny friend took me for breakfast and eventually brought a friend!and it was him!my heart had some sort of fluttery's not those nervous flirty fluttery feel but thye o0ne...oh oh i'll be in trouble!so during breakfast he told me he is finding for a girlfriend...then we talk and talk then a came to a point where my freind said"what do you care!you got a BF d what!"

well it was TRUE but i just nak flirt flirt sikit! is a nice feeling you onwards that time,i never kap him anymore and we only smile at each other!

so i told minxx bout this incident and he got quite angry but at the end of the day he said he trust me!

i know some of you must be thinking what the hell is wrong with me but believe me!i did ask myself that too...i guess i just miss having the feeling of admiration!but other than that i know at the end of the day only one person in this entire world holds my heart!i love him the most!i love you,b and i'm sorry if i hurt you!

even if it means i have to hurt and have my world turn upside down,i know you are the one!i just wanna hold you close to me!words can't express how much i love you!

with love,
karlisyle lum

Friday, July 11, 2008

Mr Perfect,Not?

i had a little debate with myself after re-watching the whole FULLHOUSE dvd set...well actually not really whole set considering the last disc can't be watch as it is greatly damaged by don't know whom!before going into the topic,i discovered a little something about myself during the last ENGLISH LIT class i had!MS.sivaness asked after watching a movie,do we ever try to understand the moral of the story or do we conclude the moral that we learnt from a movie or a book or a show or anything!so i was all hyped up for no reason and said YES aloud without thinking of the consequences!she asked me about what i learnt from the movie HANCOCK and i told her confidently my answer!she said it is a good headstart for ENGLISH LIT students!because i am able to analyse critically about something!okay but the point is i am not going to be taking english lit anyway!so on the way home,i kept wondering whether the dicovery about myself was true...indeed was it true!i can't help thinking whenever i am watching it news,soap drama,musical or movie or whatever!in fact by observing a person,i can almost tell how is the person!so good for me for discovering something that has been in me for a long time!am just waiting to put it in a good use!okay so back to the FULLHOUSE...

i realise something about what i should want in my other half!from tears to laughter as i watching the show i really learnt something from it...i hope that i will benefit minxx from what i learnt as i am known for my not-so-good girlfriend image!at least that is what i guys might not agree with me but again there is no right or wrong in the matter of a point of view!

in the drama the leading actress faces a dilema between two is her 'newly wed husband' who is bound to with a contract marriage and the other one who falls in love with her!she eventually fell for 'her newly wed hubby' though her heart was not part of the contract marriage!RAIN contemplates with himself when he starts to realise that he has fallen for his 'wife'!he had made a promise to one of his childhood friends that he will take care of her for the rest of her life and he will never let go of her until she let's go of him!so Ji-eun who has fallen for Rain suffers a tremendous series of heartaches as in the beginning Rain has sedt his childhood friend as his priority!then came along this hot guy who fells for Ji-eun for her optimistics behaviour!but sadly Ji-eun only has her heart for Rain and Min-Hyeok only becomes her complain shelter!Min-hyeok fights fairly with Rain for Ji-eun but he soon learns that she only loves Rain!

the thing that i learnt is Ji-eun had a choice!she could have chose Min-hyeok as he can supply her with amples of happiness but she choose Rain instead.Rain made her happy but he also hurt her in the meanest way anyone could and he also makes her sad and abgry at i kept asking and debating with she as a girl that stupid?Min-hyeok never once dare to make her cry a single tear drop compared to rain who has done it countless of times!what is it?is it somekind of spell that was cast on Ji-eun?

then that was when it hit me right to the is not the PERFECT guy that we are looking for in our other half...we are looking for the Guy who is Perfect for us...*i know this sounds quite confusing but sometimes it doesn't mean that the most PERFECT guy in the world is PERFECT for you...*i know digest this fact slowly girls but yes it's TRUE!he may be Mr.Perfect but he may not be the Mr Perfect for you!*

he should complement you not overshadow you..he should love you more than he love himself...he should be the one that gives you tears of joy but at the same time tears of sadness...he should be worth your tears...

let the elaboration continue with the pictures:
this is a picture of Min-Hyeok!i love his looks!*no offense Rain fans!*

these is some facts that i have digested about what i want in my other half:

i want himto be the one that i can picture a future with..the one who is waiting for me on the other side of the aisle on my WEDDING day!
the one i can learn new things with and wouldn't mind getting embarassed with..the one where i can have some loopholes to do mistakes and he will be there to correct it!
the one that i wake up to next to me...the one where i wouldn't be shy to drool in myself next to him!and of course the one that has comfortable shoulders for me to lean on!

the one who holds me tight and is afraid to lose me!the one who hugs me close enough to let me hear his heart beating for me! the one who makes me Frown!
the one who makes me tingle inside out and makes me draw close to him to kiss that lips of him!
the one i can relax with and do all crazy stupid things with!the one i am not afraid of showing to the FUGGLY side of me!
the one who make me laugh like a hyienna and the one who puts an frown on my face and the one who puts tears to my eyes!
the one that i can count on to on being by my side all the time when i need him!

the one that complements me and making me happy!

the cast of the Korean Full House Drama:
i learnt that the guy that i love should be able to make me laugh,smile and scream of happiness but at the same time,he should be the one that puts tears in my eyes,the one who hurts me and the one who makes me sad and angry!that is what i'll call Mr.Perfect..being happy is not the only feeling in the world and smilling is not the only expression...feeling and doing expressions of all kinds...isn't that what the whole point of life is?
at least that is what i think!you may disagree or agree but itr all depends on your point of view in life!
with love,
karlisyle lum